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Example sentences for accosted

Kenseth, though, wasn't very surprised when Edwards accosted him shortly after the race.
After walking up and down several streets, he was accosted by a stranger inquiring for a certain inn.
The two men were on their way to a dance when the woman and a man accosted them.
You're not accosted by irate people demanding that they get their country back.
As if that weren't enough, viewers must slog through a sappy conclusion, accosted by some of the most banal songs imaginable.
Two or three nights we prowled the country far and wide, and never once were accosted by a dog.
Meanwhile her mother had accosted the physician.
Now, they are accosted at airports and asked for autographs.
Bodine says he no longer is accosted by angry fans as he was three years ago.
You risk getting accosted in the cafeteria for ordering a salad with French dressing.
Summoned to deliver a pizza to a salvage yard, he is instead accosted and chloroformed by two lowlifes in ape masks.
At no time were either of them in peril, accosted, or led astray by the people they were surrounded by in that school system.
When accosted he said there was nothing he could say.
If accosted, press as many buttons as possible to try and get the elevator to stop at the next floor.
As he entered, he was followed into the business and accosted by two subjects, one of whom had a silver handgun.
He accosted the store clerk with a knife and he threatened a customer that walked in while the robbery was taking place.

Famous quotes containing the word accosted

As we walked along the Strand to-night, arm in arm, a woman of the town accosted us, in the usual enticing ... more
The moment one accosts a stranger or is accosted by him is above all in this life the moment of drama.... W... more
We had to take the world as it was given: The nursemaid sitting passive in the park Was rarely by a changeling prince more
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