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There is a so-called musical instrument which is variously known as the accordion, the concertina, or the harmonica.
Their favored musical instrument is the accordion, their national dance a form of polka.
Her first instrument was a toy accordion that her brother broke by accidentally stepping on it.
Extended improvised solos are generally performed on guitar and/or violin but clarinet and accordion are also gaining adherents.
Eventually, she began to draw crowds as she sang, played her accordion and gave her stump speech at county fairs.
The ballroom bustles on the weekends with live music-an accordion is part of the combo.
Then, guitar and accordion players played upbeat riffs while participants wandered among the seed tables.
These clear-plastic, accordion-pleated tubes of sweet red goo are topped by a human skull made of chalky yellow candy.
He machine-guns his words, pumping his arms as if jammin' on the air accordion.
Unfortunately, it has a synthesizer instead of an accordion.
He keeps an accordion player for a mascot, and is always singing.
Relax and enjoy a dish of your favorite pasta in the opulent dining room while listening to live accordion music.
It's an accordion-fold device that can't be operated easily with two hands or at all with one.
Two page color spread showing accordion trading cards.
Talk story about the accordion, which writer suggests, may be coming back.
Above all, it's infectious dance music, driven by the alternate- ly wistful and lighthearted sound of the accordion.
The creature would have a crazy dance step if his hip joints accordion-ed with each step.

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