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Example sentences for accordance

Rulers who acted in accordance with moral norms whenever possible tended to win the race for leadership over the long term.
He has the right to change education policy in accordance with his vision.
It is in accordance with the law that prisoners should be held in places within easy reach of their families.
Acting in one's self-interest means acting in accordance with reality from a long-term perspective.
The funeral services were carried out in accordance with the programme previously arranged.
My teaching load was reduced in accordance with my research productivity.
In accordance with tradition, no electricity or running water is allowed in residences inside the adobe pueblo.
The charity would then junk the car in accordance with the bill.
The element bags are numbered, allowing the builders to divvy up the spoils in accordance to their skills.
In accordance with the later methods of writing history, the speculative is to be eliminated.
Each company may independently use your information in accordance with the terms of its privacy policy.
Some companies do manufacture these products in accordance with the organic philosophy, and will note as much on the label.
He or she has found that it is not in accordance with the normal grieving period and is looking for an alternative explanation.
Universal expansion is decelerating as previously expected, in accordance with the second law of thermodynamics.
This, it is understood, was distributed long since in accordance with the provisions of the will.
All are running down, in accordance with the second law.
Therefore foreign investors must be aware of, and act in accordance to, the local law.
Services will be private, in accordance with her wishes.
In accordance with his wishes his body will be cremated.
In accordance to the evaluation methodology used in the test, he lied.
TO describe this collection of fragments as a valediction would apparently be in accordance with the author's wishes.
The case will be processed in accordance with normal procedures.
They therefore differ widely in various languages in accordance with the specific phonetic genius of each of these.
The will is conceived as a faculty of determining oneself to action in accordance with the conception of certain laws.
They do so because top professionals expect to be paid in accordance with their skill levels and competency.
People often act in accordance with the images and patterns they find around them.
He tried to run the company in accordance with his new beliefs.
Today, no civilized society would permit capital punishment to be practiced in accordance with the penal theory that fathered it.
Those things are not necessarily always in accordance.
The standards on ozone are ones that the agency will revisit in the future in accordance with the law.
The gate could be raised and lowered in accordance with tide and weather, controlling water flowing in and out of the river.
Moreover, not egoist because children not have wickedness, it is said in accordance with that saying.
The amateur forecaster should modify the table in accordance with his or her own observations.
The value of the note will vary in accordance with the monthly inflation rate.
The play-mood is one of rapture and enthusiasm, and is sacred or festive in accordance with the occasion.
The funeral organizers said that in accordance with her wishes, her ashes would be scattered at sea.
And these, the site notes, are denied in accordance with department policy.
But the trial was conducted in public and in accordance with the law.
VA physicians still cannot prescribe, dispense or endorse cannabis use for any reason, in accordance with federal law.

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