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Example sentences for accord

If sovereign and subject are in accord, put division between them.
The parasympathetic division works in accord with mute right-brain intuition.
In accord with his wishes, the logo was engraved on his tombstone.
The accord is expected to be completed by year's end.
So it's actually logical to accord their complaints low priority.
At last, by some two weeks ago, an accord seemed to be in sight.
Tentative accord reached in Hollywood writers' strike.
Yet these reforms are necessary, and they will not happen of their own accord.
Correa argued that the accord put the region's stability at risk.
Make sure they are in accord with where you are and to what end you are writing.
But the claim that a bunch of kids produced unique, high-level research of their own accord is simply false.
They accord scientists a respect shown few other professions in our society.
First that parents accord as much authority to the medical establishment as that community thinks it should when they do not.
Because there's no accord whatever on the direction to take.
The desires and preferences of other people may not be in accord with our views of what is best or with our tastes.
Unfortunately, the theory was not in accord with the reality.
We will not, by fasting, accord him a dignity and sensitivity that he does not possess.
If the private sector rebounds of its own accord, unemployment will fall and budget deficits will decline.
But the economists argue that this approach to measuring hunger also does not accord with how people themselves think about it.
Efforts to widen the racism accord will resume, with a new chairman, late this year-but critics are relieved to have stalled it.
Apple's products were designed to accord with the boss's tastes and to meet his obsessively high standards.
It's best to pick bait that moves of its own accord once in the water, as this attracts fish.
Uncritical compliments are not in accord with the facts.
Last month's modest accord leaves unanswered how arms control might transition into disarmament.
But the accord broke down, and the city slipped into rebel control.

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