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Candidates for a lecturer position must have a demonstrated record of accomplishment in teaching.
The number is real, but critics say that the accomplishment is smaller than it appears.
My lasting memory of this summer is more than an athletic accomplishment.
In many ways it was a model of clever engineering and technological accomplishment.
Her accomplishment is also something of a surprise, since the book is a bouillabaisse of familiar ingredients.
The public looks to the nation's past to validate its core ideals and affirm a record of progress and accomplishment.
It would not even be the accomplishment of making the entire development take place in a test tube.
Cynics might note that the only accomplishment was an agreement to talk some more, and their cynicism may yet be confirmed.
But sometimes it seems that the list of tasks is so overwhelming it causes more stress, rather than a sense of accomplishment.
They should have an advanced degree or be able to demonstrate equivalent accomplishment in the field.
And then everybody gets a chance to participate and feel that accomplishment of participating and contributing.
And it also does not over-inflate the level of responsibility or accomplishment.
But the shuttle was nonetheless a major accomplishment.
And all their explorations pushed back the frontiers of human knowledge and accomplishment.
Either way, the biggest accomplishment here was actually getting the sensor onto a curved surface.
They voted with intelligence and for the accomplishment of certain purposes.
Nor was mountaineering, or indeed apiculture, his only accomplishment.
Marc and his team achieved an amazing accomplishment.
If he succeeds in this it will truly be an amazing accomplishment.
The breeding programs of the last half-century are, in some ways, a tremendous scientific accomplishment.
Chess playing is a notable accomplishment of the human mind.
Sometimes bad history's grinding axe drowns true accomplishment and objective judgement, however charming or witty it may be.
The science of making robots is also an accomplishment.
His biggest accomplishment was saving money for the book division.
There's a definite sense of accomplishment involved.
It is difficult to overstate the scale of this accomplishment.
If fame and cash are a writer's chief goals, then they are a good measure of accomplishment.
We were phone buddies for about three years, both enjoying the banter and the sense of accomplishment.
My wise friend's advice gave me a different perspective on accomplishment.
Their biggest accomplishment usually is agreeing to meet again.
Unmasking the source would be a great journalistic accomplishment.
Each accomplishment only lifts one up to a new baseline of expectations.
It is, after all, an accomplishment she frequently brags about.
What sets him apart is that his fame is out of all proportion to his meagre on-field accomplishment.
If true, that would still be a considerable accomplishment for a form of ownership that two decades ago did not exist.
Her primary devotion and by far her main accomplishment was always her husband and family.
While it was so dull to read, in retrospect it strikes me as quite the literary accomplishment.
But these terms all refer to more or less the same thing: the people creating these ventures are driven to accomplishment.
There is a satisfaction and accomplishment that no words can describe.
Jane's devotion to her family and her children were her proudest accomplishment.
The accomplishment suggests that adult animals can be cloned from any cell in the body.
So, your sense of accomplishment needs to come from within, or from the few people in life you truly impact.
With the result so much of chasing of jargon leads to action without any task accomplishment.
Perhaps at his age its an accomplishment and he likes to share.
Yes, to build a copy of a genome is an accomplishment.
Still, no academic accomplishment can make up for a tin ear.
And that act, the infliction of great harm on innocents, is seen as a great accomplishment of the nation.

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