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She was about to do something no one had accomplished.
We hope to see more photo submissions from other accomplished photographers on the Web.
Vaccines have accomplished near miracles in the fight against infectious disease.
The method by which the change has been accomplished is known to all of us.
Close-range photography of flowers, insects, and other small details is best accomplished with a macro lens.
Armann accomplished this transformation without professional help.
Our historic attitude has been pride in what we've accomplished and impatience that we haven't accomplished more.
Storage and retrieval was best accomplished with libraries, card catalogues, and book indexes.
Fewer products are doing more tasks — all accomplished by countless lines of massless software code.
The pies look like the work of an accomplished home baker.
For she is perhaps more often the accomplished journalist here than the critic.
But a victory is not something that they have accomplished thus far.
The successful candidate will be a dynamic, innovative, and accomplished academic leader dedicated to improving student learning.
And all of that, the instructors believe, can be accomplished at any college without increasing instructional costs.
Completing the form reminds us of what we've accomplished and how much is yet to be done.
Which is not to say that the war accomplished nothing.
They identify a need for accomplished public historians.
But if we've given you some ideas to talk over with your tax adviser, we've accomplished our purpose.
One of the exciting challenges about this generation is that they're more accomplished much earlier in life.
Your colleagues would all be as brilliant and accomplished as you are.
All of the work normally accomplished by body language and facial expressions can be performed only by the words on the screen.
The museum really relied on its students to do the work previously accomplished by staff.
Learning and motivating students is not that simply accomplished via automated systems.
Pull the bread apart until the pieces are the desired size and length, which is best accomplished by using two three-tined forks.
The militant journalists exposed abuses and accomplished many reforms and undoubtedly made themselves feared by many wrongdoers.
Eventually, unless the world changes in some way quite new to history, the fusion will be accomplished.
Having everything in readiness, the mixing may be quickly accomplished.
Her exterior was all so well regulated that in her body was seen a picture of her mind, and an accomplished model of all virtues.
At bottom everything which he accomplished by magic means must have been done solely because he wanted it.
In a word, he was an accomplished pastor, sanctifying both himself and those who were committed to his charge.
He executed his plan exactly, and he accomplished what he set out to do.
When people set their minds to it it is amazing what can be accomplished.
These insects eat some tree sap but they are also accomplished predators.
They were accomplished swimmers, propelling themselves by jetting water through their body cavity.
Still, to focus solely on the myriad of problems is to ignore what has been accomplished in a mere decade.
Tarantulas are slow and deliberate movers, but accomplished nocturnal predators.
If the government hoped to strengthen the peso or improve financial transparency, it has accomplished the opposite.
In part this might be accomplished by pursuing a more indirect approach when confronted with new irregular warfare threats.
Although politicians have long been aware of this gap, government efforts to tackle it have accomplished little.
He resigned this year, feeling that he had accomplished his task.
Nowadays vastly more is accomplished for vastly less by utilizing standardizes technologies that benefit from scale effects.
Once their missions were accomplished, they carried on into the outer reaches of the solar system.
The country has become an accomplished agricultural powerhouse with vast potential to raise volumes higher in the decades ahead.
Flipping pages is accomplished with prominent forward and back arrows.
But scientists have never been sure how this was accomplished.
Needless to say, the authors of these books--accomplished theoretical physicists, all three--don't buy this characterization.
We are looking for general laws that must govern all information processing, no matter how it is accomplished.
The second step, constructing a synthetic bacterial genome, has now been accomplished with this study.
It simply means that high self- esteem may be accomplished due to high academic performance.
In this way processing the data file with the default decoding program can be accomplished simply by selecting the data file.
Such systems can be accomplished through either a single payer or a free market system.
No doubt improvements to present technology could be accomplished but that would only put more people to work.
Some research was accomplished showing that a cable dangling in space does create a current.
Turn all this back to patient care and you will have accomplished much to fix our current problem.
If that synthesis is accomplished, it is likely that the uncertainty principle would make it impossible for singularities to form.
And all of it is accomplished at extraordinary speed.
To an outsider, accomplished physicists seem to also be accomplished musicians, more likely so than other professions.
It only makes sense that an accomplished writer on chemistry takes a look at a hugely successful ebook on chemistry.
Even accomplished artists sometimes employ strategies to shake up their preconceptions about what they're seeing.
Gilly and his helpers are camped on the beach, eating lobster in the warm wind, their mission accomplished.
Suppressing a gene or two within an organism might be safe, depending on how that is actually accomplished.
No other species on our planet or in our history could have accomplished such a feat.
The group that accomplished this navigated internal barriers and was not preoccupied with compensation.
His team accomplished this by coating the gold with a layer of silica embedded with dye.
GE accomplished this by modifying a material that's a mainstay of its plastics business.
By the time practical work needs to be accomplished tax payers must pay again and work for cheap too.
And all of what they accomplished can be duplicated with time and money.
He seems to have been one of those rare beings who genuinely didn't care who got the credit, so long as the goal was accomplished.
It resulted in the discovery of teleportation which has now been accomplished.
Anyone should be impressed with what they've accomplished so far.
Since much of that work was supposed to be science it is fair to ask what has been accomplished.
Unlike his previous wives, she was neither beautiful nor accomplished.
Much of what he accomplished was done in secret or anonymously.
We all know that the children of accomplished parents often don't inherit their talents.
Yet it is a novel of victory and survival, accomplished through an astonishing act of mercy.
She accomplished this, according to her sister, by one vote.
She felt certain that her alarming conclusions would discourage the authorities, but her report accomplished the exact opposite.
In time, some would say that he had wasted his fortune and accomplished nothing.
Bob believed he'd accomplished something special, and he remains proud of it.
We have a need for approval and accomplishment, and we've accomplished a lot.
T he problem was, this craving for companionship extended only to accomplished adults.
In their relative infancy, people accomplished amazing musical feats, stuff that still thrills.
Pad design and development are important since this is where all of the work will be accomplished.
The spread of bush honeysuckle is generally accomplished by birds.

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