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The survey texts that accompany the images may appear shockingly clinical.
Clickers-and the cheating problems that accompany them-have become a lot more common since that day, many instructors say.
Sadly, that left confusion about other economic policies that might accompany a bank clean-up.
They appear above active thunderstorms and accompany strong lightning strikes.
Scientists have also noticed that intrinsic genetic changes accompany aging.
The museum tour is self guided, and docents are on duty to accompany visitors, by request.
For a striking centerpiece to accompany the decor, fill a large pumpkin with flowers and foliage to brighten a party table.
If that happens, there might be more explosive eruptions that accompany the collapse as the pressure is released on the vent.
Several disorders may mimic or accompany attention-deficit disorder.
Unofficial transcripts must accompany applications for teaching positions.
Professions of concern about human rights, whether sincere or not, accompany almost any debate about world politics.
Arrange them with the cheeses and accompany them with guacamole.
The workbooks contain all kinds of related questions and activities that accompany the programs.
Of course, those who accompany their husbands on business trips may have a glamorous day or two spending the family money.
Freshly baked breads accompany a great range of dishes.
Artistic brilliance and a dazzling memory can sometimes accompany autism and other developmental disorders.
Emotional and financial concerns accompany a complicated decision.
Meat lovers have plenty of options to accompany the veggies.
Accompany the chart with descriptions of the job responsibilities of each position.
But bosses fear that the stricter labour standards that would accompany such a concession might outweigh the benefits.
So my particular interest is in the genetic changes that accompany the origin of new species.
Your transistor radio can accompany you wherever you go.
Missionaries accompany them, cajoling the homeless to join their drug-treatment programmes.
Running dances rhythmically accompany all-night ceremonial singing during feast times.
Perhaps a copy of this article could accompany high school reports.
Suggestions that the queen should accompany them on foot were turned down.
Farming, and the settled lifestyle that tends to accompany it, allowed for larger families and more complex societies.
These kinds of costs and effects do not accompany any other industry in even remotely comparable measure.
There were some signs of stagnation to accompany the inflation.
Students should include one or two illustrations to accompany their myths.
Evidence indicates that lower birth rates accompany economic development.
She was all too happy to accompany him on foot or by camel wherever necessary.
There are two main risks that accompany the next operation: the position of the tumor and blood loss.
Accompany raw broccoli, cauliflower or carrot sticks with a low-fat dressing for a great afternoon snack.
Realize that the co morbid conditions that accompany obesity can and are killing us all.
Wars of words accompany sporadic gunfire ricocheting over the border.
Vivid photos accompany lively descriptions of ceremonies and celebrations worldwide.
Several divers accompany the videographer, while a few position lights for an evening shoot.
Look for specific parent tips that accompany each story or activity.
Have students draw pictures of the activities they might observe on the beach and write captions to accompany their pictures.
Each student should be sure to include a key to accompany the crest.
On his return, he persuaded a policeman to accompany him as he followed the couple to the inevitable confrontation.
Declarative sentences should accompany their drawings that accurately describe the adaptations.
Two of them-a twilight raid on an enemy fort and a royal funeral procession-were selected to accompany the article.
Some take the same form: witness the perennial battles over how much political integration should accompany the economic variety.
Have students draw pictures to accompany their stories.
The older one gets, the more important it is to heed the cautions that traditionally accompany strenuous activity at any age.
Perhaps you can offer to accompany him to the orthodontist and ask some questions.
There would be many more fitting photographs to accompany this story.
Details on tour times and the background of the house accompany inside and outside photographs.
However, the phrase in this job description seems to be one of those throw-in clauses that accompany many position announcements.
And the brief musical clips that accompany every puzzle as it's played will probably drive a few parents bonkers with earwigs.
Have each student write a brief explanation of their monument on an index card that will accompany the artwork.
To accompany the launch, there are a slew of new applications.
Ask students what responsibilities they think should accompany discovery in and jurisdiction over the resources of the deep sea.
But, yes, it's all about the sounds that accompany any given landscape.
But unwanted side effects, particularly rapid heartbeats, often accompany the procedure.
But when people engaged in the mental imagery that would accompany actual eating, it wore down their desire to eat.
So scratching seems to relieve the unpleasant feelings that accompany, well, itching.
Family history, personal history, and physical examination must accompany the genetic testing in determining that risk.
Branches from this plexus accompany all the divisions of the hepatic artery.
The lateral cutaneous branches accompany the lateral cutaneous branches of the thoracic nerves.
He never did one of the things that usually accompany greatness.
The cavalry always accompany him, with drawn sabres.
Sometimes one of the brothers would accompany us, sometimes one of the younger sisters.
The second pair of segmental arteries accompany the hypoglossal nerves to the brain and are named the hypoglossal arteries.
New color maps and flags now accompany each country profile.
Have each student select his or her favorite rock art panel from the photos and write a short story to accompany it.
He points out details in the swirling blur of lines and images and shares stories that accompany them.
Discusses the many potential risks that accompany face-transplant surgery.
Yes, there will be perils that accompany this moment of promise.
There, he would talk with the miners, and periodically accompany them on descents into the mines.
The solar wind, and the magnetic clouds that sometimes accompany it, contain huge amounts of energy.
The wasps smell through their antennae and remember scents that accompany a reward of food.
With this new advertising format, the ads accompany the content wherever it goes.
There are many more compelling images and words that accompany this story, and a video too.
She would normally accompany this with a salad, but not here.
Despite the hardships that accompany the job, there is an oversupply of people hoping to pick strawberries.
Her husband has stopped taking days off to accompany her.
It is essential to risk the mistakes that so often accompany newness and to resist overpromising.
The picture is vague and evocative, the sort of image that might accompany a management essay in a business magazine.
The restaurant's decor is made of abstract objects, including a wall of wine, with many selections to accompany entrees.
Smaller, regional rail companies are more hospitable, setting regulations that allow pets to accompany people.
Guests must arrange in advance of arrival for their pets to accompany them.
The flowers of the garden span every letter of the alphabet, with matching letter signs to accompany and identify each feature.
Its close proximity to the beach and the bay attracts beach goers, fishing enthusiasts and the pets that accompany them.
If you've been in a wreck, you know the emotional and financial horror that accompany the pain and shock.
Read the headline and look at any pictures, charts, graphs and captions that accompany the article.
The spread of birth control and a desire for smaller families tend to accompany economic growth and development almost everywhere.
Students call teachers by their first names and accompany them as they treat their patients.
Companies sometimes choose rather odd music to accompany their adverts.
It's a pity that the publishers couldn't run to better pictures than the grainy snaps that accompany the text.
The rebels, of course, say that the town's populace had chosen to accompany them to the war-zone.
He was describing what doctors call rigors--the severe, shaking chills that accompany high fevers.
Humans aren't in any danger, nor are a whole host of creatures that accompany the army on its manoeuvres.
Proper genetic counseling was supposed to accompany voluntary testing.
Insecurity and the fears that accompany it have delayed rebel attempts to reclaim the streets.
But when he became president he asked me to accompany him on state visits.
One of the first things that accompany news of dangerous flu viruses is an economic evaluation of the effects of a pandemic.

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