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The police sent buses to the edge of the neighborhood to evacuate residents to temporary accommodations.
There is a dearth of accommodations in this city for poor people suffering from consumption and from incurable diseases.
Attendees are responsible for their own hotel accommodations.
Perhaps the incessant trend towards worse and less-comfortable airline accommodations is to blame.
In the end, finding the perfect accommodations means matching your tastes to the hotel's available room inventory.
Hermit crabs are always on the lookout for new accommodations.
But some bike tourists never can kick their need for proper accommodations.
The scene on the stage resembles a rock concert, as did the accommodations in the back.
Reasonable accommodations are made for applicants with disabilities.
They were always a letdown-awkward seating and sparse accommodations.
The accommodations from high school do not qualify a student for accommodations in college.
Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.
Consider transaction costs when buying and selling accommodations.
Most accommodations are guesthouses, only some of which are sensitive to ecotourism concerns.
With accommodations taken care of, but limited time, you'll need to devise a smart itinerary.
The department provides a range of academic support services and accommodations for qualified students with disabilities.
Their coach accommodations and their crew service were otherwise impeccable.
Check this site for links to accommodations and car rentals, as well as sightseeing and other tourism information.
Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential functions.
There was even talk of banning smoking in rented accommodations.
Book your accommodations well in advance of your trip.
Still, the accommodations are lovely enough that the clich├ęs don't irritate.
Accommodations will be provided to qualified individuals requiring them.
It's an exciting time to visit but advanced planning is essential because accommodations may be scarce.
Reasonable accommodations are provided to qualified applicants with disabilities.
It was an enchanting visit with superb accommodations.
Hull said he rented compact cars and paid the difference when he chose fancier accommodations over a midrange hotel.
Sometimes reference libraries will provide visitors with information about travel or nearby accommodations.
Secure job first, then think about living accommodations.
It is not alleged that the defendants charge excessive rates, or supply defective accommodations.
My accommodations during one campus interview was in a dormitory.
Our accommodations are without frills: a mosquito net covering a mattress on the floor, a sink, a toilet.
He has decked out his novel with traditional furnishings, comfortable settings, and sometimes lavish accommodations of narrative.
Get in touch with the student's adviser and the accommodations office for suggestions.
Accommodations include everything from simple studios to five- or six-bedroom villas, a few on the water, some with private pools.
Some of the hotels were filled early in the season and are now unable to provide accommodations for prospective visitors.
If one cannot live without the other, some sort of accommodations will be made.
Accommodations range from the sparse to the almost luxurious, the food is wholesome and plentiful, the prices affordable.
Employers believe it will be unduly expensive to provide accommodations for workers under the act.
But as the range's popularity has increased, so has the quality of nearby accommodations.
He was simply explaining how his accommodations varied.
Development, resort hotels, tourist accommodations and restaurants.
You'll find listings of accommodations, attractions, visitor information sources and suggested itineraries.
Accommodations are basic but surrounded by the luxuries of nature- tidepools, coastal wildflowers, and a sandy beach.
Don't expect much in the way of accommodations here, and bring a waterproof tent if you go.
And imperfect accommodations open the door to hypocrisy and cynical calculations.
And considering the accommodations, the price doesn't seem incredibly out of whack.
Also, while the accommodations for business usually work as well for a couple, they don't tend to work as well for the kids.
Strictly speaking, the utility of making accommodations in this case would be the reverse of that in the bed case.
Immigrants come to western nations and demand accommodations that would never be granted in their home countries.
And one makes accommodations, unless one wants to try to live alone, in the woods.
While mapping out your travel and accommodations, try to strike a balance between indulgence and pragmatism.
Not surprisingly, the onboard accommodations are less than four star.
Away from resort areas expect accommodations to be basic but clean.
Such accommodations might insulate software firms from some of the effects of copying.
There are always going to be accommodations the government can't reasonably make.
Too horrible to contemplate, and no accommodations whatsoever.
We divided our week there between two accommodations, at opposite ends of the island.
Who is paying for the plane, bus, and accommodations has not been disclosed.
It would hardly seem proper to use the funds of the college to pay for the providing of accommodations for spectators.
The services that consumers didn't use as much as thought were housing and utilities, and food services and accommodations.
Or you can find comfortable accommodations in many other places on the island.
And for sleeping accommodations, a limited space was allotted upon the floor, the guest furnishing his own blankets.
Prices are highest, accommodations are frequently booked up, and crowds fill the wilderness.
The gig includes living accommodations--one room--which the entire band shares for the summer.
Two years ago, the accommodations were slightly better, in a larger building with a language lab.
Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform these essential functions.
Getting accommodations for his peculiar brain functioning has so far proved to be a joke.
Of course we're going to wait for an official letter from our disabilities office before considering accommodations.
And when you go out into the world you are reminded of this even when there are accommodations.
We include clauses about dishonesty, disability accommodations, and procedures to report offensive language and actions.
Travel at your own pace and indulge in luxurious accommodations and gourmet meals.
Great fishing from accommodations, bonefish to deep-sea.
Inclusive price covers transportation, sightseeing, hotel accommodations meals and tips.
Even apparent compromises or trade-offs can be read as artful accommodations leading to eventual triumphs.
The ghost town has several residences and barrack-type accommodations, as well as the remains of a few commercial establishments.
The island's hostel, run by park rangers, has almost luxury accommodations.
Be sure to book airfare, accommodations and your rental car in advance to receive discounted prices.
Many of these offer luxury accommodations, complete with a dedicated wildlife guide and driver.
Eating in tends to be a more economical dining choice, so accommodations that include a kitchen can help defray costs.
Applicants may request accommodations that allow them to fully and meaningfully participate in a court proceeding.
But few accommodations try to make the experience unlike any other.
At the outset, however, such concerns were forgotten amid a conventioneers' snarl over accommodations.
Waiters roll their eyes when parents ask to view labels and school staff often resist accommodations.
Yet one way or another, the accommodations got made, and the nation was largely better for it.
The park's accommodations cater to all comers, with self-contained mud-brick chalets, caravans and camping.

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