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The lack of overnight accommodation has kept it off the tourist maps.
There is on-campus accommodation for more than 8500 students.
There seemed to be no accommodation too small for the staff to arrange.
Off-season accommodation rates kick in at the end of October, but the savings can vary drastically from property to property.
If you relocate there, be very careful about the accommodation you select.
Meet with the employee who requests an accommodation.
Some on-campus accommodation is available but most students rent apartments.
Hesiod advised his brother to prefer a friendly accommodation to an expensive lawsuit.
The law's definition of public accommodation includes recreational places such as golf courses.
Suitable furnished accommodation will be provided .
What that accommodation lacks in legal clarity, it makes up for in commercial pragmatism.
There is also no need for a cruise ship as there is a sufficiency of accommodation for relief workers.
In the ultimate gesture of accommodation, they even hop up on the scale for weighing.
One of the more salubrious options in a city starved of good-value budget accommodation.
Additional support for local inhabitants has been the construction of community lodges for tourist accommodation.
Shelters and huts dot the route for overnight accommodation.
They need food, water, accommodation and so the region experiences an economic crisis.
Winners may be required to present a valid credit card at the time of check-in at hotel accommodation.
In the realm of high-stress admissions and licensing exams, the accommodation question is as controversial-and complex-as ever.
Failure to provide every accommodation you should may land you on the losing side of a grievance or lawsuit.
It's the college student's job to seek out help and to inform his professors about any disabilities that require accommodation.
In both cases airfare, accommodation, and dinners were provided.
Surely, two countries could have reached some accommodation and thousands would have lived.
Earlier threads have advised that one should always wait until an offer is made to ask for spousal accommodation.
Accommodation, careers, sports and social facilities are provided by the university.
The university has excellent sports and cultural amenities and on-campus accommodation is available.
There is no on-campus accommodation, but rented housing is available, subsidised by the government for students.
Accommodation, in both the private rental sector and the university, is reasonably priced.
Still more complain that the government's heavy hand is pushing up rents for other kinds of budget accommodation.
Most of the estate's residents are happy at the prospect of being moved to better accommodation elsewhere.
Accommodation includes family rooms and junior suites.
Accommodation types range from motels to large properties.
Because of its attraction as a major tourist destination, plenty of accommodation is available to fit a range of budgets.
All-inclusive resorts allow you to pay once for everything from your accommodation to night entertainment.
Visitors to the park have many accommodation options.
Rooms may sell out in advance, so plan ahead to get your choice of accommodation.
Budget accommodation is in a shared or private room, and bed and bath linens are provided.
Multi-story hotel casinos line the riverfront and feature a range of accommodation options.
But keep in mind that travel prices vary based on type of accommodation and transportation.
Accommodation choices and pricing depend on needs and location.
Family travel can be daunting, but an all-inclusive accommodation makes it easy.
As a housing crisis has escalated in the past few years, the regime has made no effort to provide adequate public accommodation.
As has been said, he recommends accommodation with each of them, by dividing the globe into well-defined spheres of influence.
It prizes ideological purity above accommodation, even when that means fighting the government from within the government.
In this position he appears to have argued consistently for accommodation between the two sides.
The reduction of the problem to this one point seemed to bring both sides closer than ever before to some kind of accommodation.
Reasonable accommodation can apply to the duties of the job, and/or where and how job tasks are performed.

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