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The technique also requires room around the fish's head to accommodate the space generated when it expands its mouth cavity.
To accommodate this trend, unions are leaving room in collective agreements for company-level pacts.
Nowadays, a typical hotel room can accommodate a maximum of four to five people.
Mammalian evolution could not proceed further, because there wasn't enough room in the skull to accommodate more brain tissue.
To accommodate this migrant, the bones of the flatfish head twist and turn to make room.
The university continuously changes to accommodate today's needs, while still respecting the traditions and spirit of Auburn.
It is equipped to accommodate 1200 persons.
Heat olive oil in a Dutch oven or roasting pan large enough to accommodate rolled steak.
These buildings consist of flats and townhomes with floor plans that can accommodate two to eight beds per unit.
We will be running mutiple groups to accommodate all new members.
We can occasionally accommodate part-time schedules.
New docks, boutique shops, and restaurants were built to accommodate yachts and tourists.
As a result, modern transistors have to accommodate some current leakage.
They might also lead students to jobs with nontraditional hours for those with college schedules to accommodate.
There are numerous decking materials that accommodate a wide variety of lifestyles and budgets.
Over the years, plans and preparations have been streamlined to accommodate tight schedules.
The better you can accommodate its particular traits, the happier your dog.
But the corps further concluded that such scouring would deepen the river enough to accommodate even a huge flood.
We should have done more to accommodate his presence.
The continent was not large enough to accommodate both beliefs.
They are still influential, though librarians have modified his language to accommodate new media and contemporary usage.
The building is ancient and to accommodate disabled people would require some serious redesign.
Although not every student seeks counseling, many centers are stretching their resources to accommodate those who do.
Although there is a significant amount of turnover in libraries, it's not enough to accommodate everyone.
Obviously, the pixels on such a sheet will have to become much smaller to accommodate entire pages of text.
Economic planners often build new roads in remote areas to promote urbanization and accommodate industries such as logging.
They protected injured companions, and slowed down during travel in order to accommodate them.
To be human is given the ability to accommodate superceding the basic instincts.
And make the helmets bigger to accommodate the liners.
Since their exoskeleton is not shed, molluscan shells must enlarge to accommodate body growth.
As buildings grew higher, it became necessary to widen streets to accommodate the increase of population in those tall buildings.
One of the problems is that airports have been reluctant to change their infrastructure to accommodate recyclable materials.
For years, the city has sacrificed its cycling space to accommodate more drivers.
And sanctuaries cannot accommodate all the non-zoo chimpanzee population.
The theories that predict warming need to be revised to accommodate observations of nature or discarded.
But as their domain shrank, some parks could accommodate only a few prides, which then began to inbreed.
The pack is equipped with a dizzying array of slots, pouches, and pockets to accommodate workaday essentials.
Wetlands are dredged and filled in to accommodate urban, industrial, and agricultural development.
When choosing a new appliance, purchase a model made to accommodate your household's size.
Weigh your household kitchen scraps for one week and build or purchase a bin to accommodate your needs.
The scheme worked well enough to accommodate many gardens.
Expanding economies can more easily accommodate large waves of immigrants.
Select a new or used wood frame sized to accommodate your handmade paper sheets.
Aspen's four mountains are world-famous, with terrains that can accommodate skiers of all abilities.
The inner burial complex was cut into a cliff and intended to accommodate the burials of all the priest's family members.
Lodgings here accommodate a wide range of tourists, from the backpacking ecology lover to pampered resort fans.
The second was in extending the duration of each song to accommodate the dance floor jolly mood of his audience.
Waitresses serve sandwiches, the bun tops tilted backward to accommodate the pile of brisket heaped under them.
Clips for the garment bag don't accommodate anything but wire hangers.
To accommodate these toys, all mega yachts used to be powerboats, for the simple reason that sailboats must be reasonably svelte.
It's clever, and hopefully the squishing that occurs will free up enough space to accommodate the pumping mechanism itself.
He spent almost a week in the disaster zone and even offered to accommodate some survivors in his own homes.
The market cannot seem to accommodate the demand for real places to gather, drink coffee and read new works.
Alas for ambitious school leavers, universities cannot expand to accommodate them.
The challenge will be to accommodate the resource pressure posed by such increased global demand.
It was a tough ask for modern optical-character-recognition software, too, which had to be trained to accommodate it.
Now it seems they must accommodate an influx of tens of thousands of rural migrants who have lost their herds.
And, she adds, it would need continual updating to accommodate any subsequent changes in pronunciation.
On the contrary, they found a shrewd formula to accommodate one another.
Even as the number of flights and flyers has soared, the airports that must accommodate them have been neglected.
And only governments can build the roads that will accommodate so many more cars.
Instead, research carefully to find hotels that have facilities and rooms designed to accommodate wheelchairs.
Several romantic bed and breakfasts and resorts allow children and offer activities that accommodate guests of all ages.
Colonial-styled rooms are furnished to accommodate couples, singles and families.
Even those cruise lines that accommodate you will not let you keep your dog in your stateroom or let it have the run of the ship.
Cruise ship operators coordinate day and half-day excursions with tour companies to accommodate ship schedules.
These special rooms are available at several price ranges and some can accommodate up to nine guests.
There are many campgrounds scattered throughout the region, which can accommodate all types of campers.
Often the show, which tries to accommodate the various genres and age groups that make up pop music, is a horrendous train wreck.
They are tilted to accommodate layers of different colors and flavors.
Portions are small, to accommodate sharing, and the prices are as modest as the ambitions.
Not surprisingly, she will be cancelling a number of her future engagements to accommodate her new situation.
Not having come up through dance bands, they had never had to accommodate the tastes of dancers and other patrons.
No invented city could accommodate itself to this wilderness.
The scheme couldn't accommodate people who were part one thing and part another.
There are thirty-four of us this week, though the train can accommodate fifty-four.
The elastic band can accommodate such broadening as well.
Poems help us not only to accommodate reality but to control it.
His recipe was sturdy enough to accommodate such tinkering.
With it, those vacancies will decline and new homes will be necessary to accommodate the growing population.
The busiest two dozen airports can barely accommodate another flight.
He requires only a house big enough to accommodate a studio.
But eventually, there should be plenty of funding available to accommodate a good-functioning mortgage market.
To accommodate that machine's shortcomings, everyone began to type wrong.
Styles have always changed and historians have been able to accommodate themselves to this fact easily enough.
The family had one mosquito net that could accommodate about three people.
Of course many museums want more space to display works they cannot show or to accommodate changing exhibitions.
Their proportions alter, their shape essentially changing to accommodate flight.
The drug approval process itself was revolutionized to accommodate the approval of this ghastly drug.
Society can accommodate itself to the humble laborer, but it justifiably mistrusts the mad thinker.
And current advice books uniformly reinforce the idea that sleep practices should accommodate parents, not babies.
In order to remain in good standing in your community you had to either accept this nonsense or accommodate it.
To accommodate four huge eggs, even monogamous shorebird females have evolved to be slightly larger than their mates.
To accommodate such a razor-sharp smell apparatus, the modern mammals have huge olfactory bulbs in their brains.
The electronic components in the trailer's storage racks can be easily swapped out to accommodate different missions.
If the theory can expand to accommodate the data, it's good.
He even suggested new designs for wheels, to accommodate the stringlike, one-dimensional strength of fibers.
Online learning cannot accommodate lab-based teaching.
The only way to accommodate our need to reproduce is to give ourselves more space.
We are destroying our environment to accommodate population growth.
Meanwhile, an overstressed and inefficient national electrical grid can't accommodate new kinds of power.
The penthouse over his bank had been rebuilt to accommodate the latest surveillance cameras and security devices.
It had folding side seats and could comfortably accommodate seven people, including the chauffeur.
They tolerate, cultivate, and accommodate special interests of all kinds-at once using and being used.
The bookmobile is provided to accommodate readers over the summer until the opening of the branch library.
New rear suspensions allow bikers to alter their mount's shock-absorbing capacity to accommodate the terrain.
The mouth of the bottle is large enough to accommodate ice cubes, but that also means sipping can be dodgy on bumpy flights.
The tone must be grandly facetious to accommodate skeptics as well as believers.
All of these changes were designed to accommodate and capitalize on a bigger field.
Hotels and malls are springing up everywhere to accommodate them.
The one big exception was a monster truck so enormous that the course had to be widened to accommodate it.
To accommodate excavation work, steel plate bridging may be necessary.
There will be added space in the community building to accommodate the operation of the local senior citizens center.

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