acclaimed in a sentence

Example sentences for acclaimed

We published the book this year, to acclaimed reviews.
He's published a dozen books, been acclaimed everywhere, and is known even in nonacademic circles.
On one side is a top scientist, author of critically acclaimed books on biology, among other accomplishments.
Culinary school isn't the only-or even the best-route to becoming an acclaimed chef.
These buildings were all acclaimed when they were new and have never gone entirely out of fashion.
Best of all, the last pagans could be acclaimed for having stood for tolerance in an age of mounting intolerance.
But for twenty-four years this acclaimed novelist produced no fiction.
And now her life is the subject of a critically acclaimed movie.
See our compilation of the acclaimed, yearlong editorial series on global population.
In addition to her work as a film producer, she is an acclaimed photographer.
They are bringing back the acclaimed series to production with new episodes, five years after it was canceled.
Yet he finds himself the critically acclaimed author of the sci-fi detective graphic novel that has been adapted for the movies.
He is acclaimed for his advocacy of web standards, books and a sometimes prickly manner.
Insider-trading charges have affected many acclaimed managers.
Central bankers are acclaimed for their part in taming inflation.
Human rights groups have acclaimed all these changes.
His early works, particularly on military matters, were acclaimed.
Widely acclaimed for their natural wonders and scenic beauty, the parks take on new dimensions when autumn bursts upon the scene.
Imagine having to cook a three-course meal for a panel of acclaimed foodies.
We have nationally acclaimed events, festivals and gatherings.
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