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Open, he accidentally nudged his ball while setting up for a shot.
Professors have also accidentally shared comments with students that they meant only for fellow instructors.
The problem comes when the telomerase gene is accidentally activated in a cell in which it is supposed to be shut down.
Plant-dwelling insects are in perpetual danger of being accidentally munched on by plant-eating animals.
They suspect that a fishing vessel picked it up accidentally.
As you cut, be careful not to accidentally nip off the new buds.
After accidentally discovering an alien artifact, the space miner finds himself stranded on an asteroid, his co-workers missing.
He had accidentally marked the wrong major on his online admissions.
If it accidentally kills someone on the list, all bets will be off.
Two actors playing a scene in which a guy accidentally cuts his hand while chopping fruits.
Also, pipes leading to the tanks can be accidentally ruptured.
It is made, in part, from serum from six colleagues accidentally infected in the lab.
It's a junkyard out there in space and sometimes astronauts accidentally contribute to the litter.
If you open the flip and accidentally press the up arrow key, you see that the phone starts to connect to the web.
Call to request a waiver of the late penalty if you mostly pay on time but accidentally miss a deadline one month.
If it starts to fail, the computer can crash accidentally when the power supply generates a noisy signal.
You'll have to be careful you don't accidentally throw yours out with the recycling.
People continue to accidentally introduce species to new ranges today.
And then hitting someone in the face for accidentally stepping on your foot.
Many invasive species are introduced into a new region accidentally.
Indeed, in nearly all reported cases skiers or snowmobilers have been victims of avalanches accidentally provoked by themselves.
But that runs the risk of accidentally triggering a response from another atomic power, who might mistake it for a nuke.
There is no way to measure whether voters accidentally cast ballots for the wrong candidate.
Swimming pools were fitted with ropes to allow koalas to climb out if they accidentally fall in.
Three kids are accidentally sent on the underwater adventure of a lifetime in this animated story for the whole family.
Sometimes the chalk accidentally makes the sound, too.
The other risk is that something will escape accidentally.
The letters are accidentally returned to them with other materials.
He said he accidentally used a bat intended for batting practice.
The result will simply be more guns around campus, which increases the likelihood that some will go off accidentally.
Anna can be seen walking down the catwalk whereupon she accidentally drops a pistol on the floor.
They must have accidentally been moved from another thread.
Sometimes low culture accidentally does more than the works that start out pretentiously intending to be high culture.
Label each bin clearly so employees do not accidentally mix materials.
Psychology has a long history of regarding pleasure and reward as the same thing, accidentally or not.
These can become enormous-several inches thick-and if accidentally cut, would result in rapid blood loss.
Ores consist of an aggregate of minerals which have coalesced not accidentally, but as a result of the conditions of their origin.
As his soldiers maneuvered in a dense fog, they accidentally fired on one another.
He hands them to the narrator, who accidentally sits on them.
Still, none of those compartments ever sprang open accidentally.
Click on the timeline, and you can travel back to before you accidentally deleted a key paragraph in that annual report.
Seems to me that this system makes it much more likely to accidentally send emails to places they shouldn't go.

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