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The cause of this population decline is unknown, but it's likely a combination of accidental and intentional overfishing.
Any lenience toward a particular diving outfit was accidental on my part.
Three of the other incidents involved accidental cuts.
But you have to stay on the program, even when the grade-grubbers and accidental plagiarists start to line up outside your office.
What you get to know about people you don't know simply by accidental adjacency is astonishing.
Both crosses, accidental and contrived, remained in place.
So some reach for a consoling but primitive explanation: it is all a misunderstanding, a kind of accidental dysfunction.
Introductions of new species, both accidental and deliberate, over the past few centuries show the problem.
As this globe-girdling traffic increases, so will the number of accidental introductions.
Firms may also copy some of the unusual business models that makers, often accidental entrepreneurs, have come up with.
As regards the brain changes, a model is only a model-and in this case an accidental one.
The laws led to no increase in accidental deaths or suicide by gunshot.
His own people, and some local officials, insist he died in an accidental explosion.
Even the buttons are designed in a way that it prevents accidental switching and flicking.
Included carabineer means accidental drops are a rare occurrence.
The workers were pushed beyond their training, and there could have been an accidental explosion.
Many an expensive gadget has been cut down in its prime by an accidental soaking.
Scientists refer to this as the accidental view, but there is nothing accidental about it.
The accidental discovery revealed that chickens retain the ability to grow teeth, even though birds lost this feature long ago.
The development of modern human society has sometimes been accidental, other times experimental, but never has it been planned.
Should virtually eliminate accidental and deliberate electrocutions.
Accidental sewage discharges are rare and usually subject to substantial fines.
Life is about nothing, it is an accidental result of events that took place in the universe.
Many have calculated the probability of chance or accidental origins of life in the so-called prebiotic soup.
It is probable that they are occasionally transported by what may be called accidental means.
It is a quite accidental and arbitrary direction of their general ability.
Mysticism consists in the mistake of an accidental and individual symbol for an universal one.
The formation of the granular sphere was hastened by any accidental injury.
The long ten years of accidental education had changed nothing for him there.
The variations in the market price of such commodities, therefore, can arise only from some accidental variation in the demand.
Although ordinarily harder to get at than deer, they are far more frequently killed in what may be called accidental ways.
While it's rare that anyone gets killed, ruptured spleens from accidental crashes are a serious concern.
It's there to keep the oil in, should there be any accidental spill at the oil-fired electricity station.
Durable swing-out handles that will not melt, and folding bail handles that lock into place to prevent accidental spilling.
Any accidental acid mine drainage into this intricately connected natural system could be disastrous.
The accidental and the unpredictable are vital to art.
The new system also would not obviate concerns about the accidental or malicious storage of images.
It was really so accidental, there were so many accidental things in my life.
It is not accidental that the speeches that worked best did not include long lists of legislative demands.
It's allied with the guilty fear that they may have had an accidental hand in his irresistible rise.
They advertised it as a benign device to cover accidental overdrafts.
It turned out to have been an accidental call to a friend.
For example, tactical nuclear weapons should not be deployed in a way that invites preemption or accidental launch.
There is also the possibility of an accidental nuclear exchange.
It is the accidental altering of those characteristics over time that makes evolution possible.
If rare accidental overdoses cause harm, that doesn't negate the health-giving properties of smart dosages.
From these clues, researchers envisioned a continent ruled by an accidental monarch.
Other experts are divided as to whether there's even a chance that there are accidental fission reactions occurring.
They are now part of a growing nationwide effort to stem the increasing rate of accidental drug-related fatalities.
His movie is full of echoing silences, punctuated by acts of violence that are sometimes accidental, sometime inevitable.
It was what you'd call an accidental suicide attempt.
And accidental overdosing, which can occur when more than one medication is used, is too easy.
Some of the deaths that resulted from bad spacing or inadequate helpers were accidental or from unknown causes.

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