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The company has also had four crashes, including an accident in which there was an injury or fatality, according to the agency.
Most academics find their way into administrative work by accident.
Initial reports suggest that stormy weather may have contributed to the accident.
It's a measure of the health fears immediately after the accident that this number comes as a relief.
In some cases, thousands of people have been evacuated after an accident at a factory or during transport of liquefied chlorine.
There are mummies by design and mummies by accident.
The operators of the devices would be considered the cause for the accident and held responsible, attorneys say.
The names of the others involved in the accident were not immediately released.
The discrepancy between the panic generated by terrorism and the deaths generated by terrorism is no accident.
Well a sad accident to come back to the original topic.
The investigation into the fatal accident led to major design changes for future launch vehicles.
The final details of the cause of the accident are certainly a ways off from determination.
His feeling was that if the pilots learned precision in their flying that their accident rate would drop.
The accident is the company's fourth recorded crash in as many years, federal records show.
Engineers there and elsewhere insisted that they had learned their lessons, and that such an accident could never happen again.
It has been difficult to gauge the human impact of the accident.
We probably found his body about two hours after the accident.
The nuclear industry has measures in place, from protective containment barriers to backup generators, in case of an accident.
They have that status today not simply for their inherent beauty but for the happy accident of their survival.
Accident rates can be especially high where border-hopping to still-smoky bars is possible.
They will conclude by writing a newspaper article about the submarine's accident at sea.
Not demonic possession, but a tragic molting accident.
Every now and again, you discover something really useful, quite by accident.
But some experts argue that this was an accident waiting to happen.
In big cities, people thought he must have gotten into a car accident.
Better supervision of a mine with a poor safety record might have prevented the accident.
All the animals he works on have died through accident or natural causes.
With a third group, she activated the squeak as if by accident.
They compared the before and after accident rates for those highways, and compared those with highways that had no cameras.
The sulfur is a by-product of emergency procedures taken immediately after the accident.
Take a being made of pure energy, born out of an accident in a lab, and spike with plenty of humorous pop-culture references.
Then earthquake, tsunami and a nuclear accident clobbered the world's third-largest economy.
The accident damaged the vessel's sonar dome, and the sub limped home under its own power.
On a bad day, an accident or closure cuts off a major artery and all plans are off.
It was quite easy to imagine yourself having a bad accident because you were mountaineering underground.
The accident did not damage the span, but the vessel's hull was gashed, officials said.
If the tea container shattered, whoever caused the accident would be beheaded.
Archery ranges, whether public or private, generally carry insurance in case of an accident.
The first set of questions revolves around this week's accident.
He was returning from his second space flight when the accident occurred.
Not all exotic species are introduced to the ecosystem by accident.
No one becomes a president or a provost by accident.
HM suffered from epilepsy that began after a bike accident at age nine.
The mine's owner tried to suppress news of the accident.
It is no accident that these laws are named after victims.
The reverse is also true: when the copper price is low, the accident rate falls.
There are many creative ways to preserve a moment lost in time, and sometimes it can happen by complete and utter accident.
The first electric meter was invented quite by accident.
The suffering it sets forth seems to have been almost needless,-due as it is to the accident of misunderstanding.
The literature that is of lasting value is an accident.
In any case, accident had something to do with his finding his true field.
In many years neither is harmed by such an accident.
But poetry defeats the curse which binds us to be subjected to the accident of surrounding impressions.
These discoveries reveal that the evolution of melanism is not some incredibly rare accident, but a common, repeatable process.
And it is no accident that she gave them to an anthropology-not an art-museum.
Her first husband had been in a car accident that had mangled his leg, and doctors urged that it be amputated.
The key safety challenges are preventing overcharging, overheating, and damage in an accident.
Eventually, the material could be used by first responders to stop bleeding at accident sites and on the battlefield.
The gravity and consequence of this accident cannot begin to be measured yet.
No one could say exactly where the accident happened or when.
The driver of the motorcycle, who was injured in the accident, was later identified as an off-duty police officer.
It may be that they simply discover their usefulness by accident.
It's no accident that so many volcanoes are located there.
The space shuttle program was suspended in the wake of this accident, and no shuttles were launched for nearly three years.
Photography came later and could be described as a fortunate accident.
He's missed only one day of taping in twenty-six years, and that was because he'd been in a major car accident.
Susan, of course, was killed in a suspicious accident not far from that hotel two years later.
To make the video as realistic as possible, the animators begin with raw data culled from the site by accident reconstructionists.
Then, to show that the results he was getting weren't an accident, he repeated the entire set of experiments three years later.
The fact that everyone had definitive looks at this pivotal play was no accident.
Sounds great, until you get sued after the first accident.
But make no mistake: this was almost entirely an accident.
The tsunami initiated a nautical accident in which were lost two crew members and tons of rice.
And much of their authority seems to have derived from this accident of physics.
The researchers discovered the alcohol effect by accident.
My nephew was in a serious accident caused by a driver running a red light.
But what's more surprising is that this accident happened at all.
Not only the accident was larger, but the government didn't act quickly to evacuate people and take other measures.
Why do you you think it had something to do with us and even then if it did it came from its own accident or marvel from far away.
Raw information is never released except by accident.
These did not happen by accident--they were created.
We have the technology to put fail safes in place to prevent this kind of accident.
That's natural plus residual from the accident and fire.
She arrived, potty trained at eight weeks, and has never had an accident in the house.
Government officials may well be right when they insist that the latest upset was an accident.
The third hypothesis, however, is that music is a cross between an accident and an invention.
It is an accident because it is the consequence of abilities that evolved for other purposes.
The country's wealth owes more to an accident of geology-those oil and gas deposits-than to creativity or innovation.
Traditionally, biologists have celebrated the trunk, branch and twig system of a tree as no accident.
It also provides insurance for the duration of the rental and a replacement car if there is an accident.
Blame for the accident could yet affect the outcome of the election.
Some of this success is an accident of timing: many popular indie acts released albums this year.
It appears to raise the risk of an accident by four times.
His dreams of becoming a professional boxer were dashed by a serious car accident.
It is no accident that both schemes were at the heart of the crisis.
They came up with industry-changing ideas such as accident forgiveness and cash rewards for good driving.
The meeting and the accident convinced him that he should use his visual talents rather than his mechanical ones.
The broader economic organization thus clearly demanded sprang up here and there as accident and local conditions determined.
And it takes only a momentary lapse, at the wrong time, to cause a serious accident.
It could be the result of an accident involving rat babies in a nuclear reactor.
Jane heard about his accident and ran from her dressing room to comfort him.
It was an accident that he ever became a sports agent.
Andrea's accident had imprisoned her mind in a lifeless body.
His friends died in a horrible accident two years ago because of a design flaw.
Yes, but our moon is an accident, a fairly improbable one.
Acupuncture has helped my chronic neck and back pain due a long-ago auto accident.
Of course nobody measures the pressure of dark energy, so it's a slightly silly definition, but it's an accident of history.
It was eventually discovered by accident, pretty much proving the big bang people right.
How to obtain a copy of an accident or police report.
At some point in your life, you will probably be involved in a car accident.
Chronic myeloid leukemia occurs as the result of a single genetic accident.
You've got to make sure you don't hold the guy too near the neck, or you could have an accident.

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