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Example sentences for accessory

Success rate will vary depending on location of accessory pathway and number of accessory pathways.
To make things worse, many people have come to regard dogs as something more than a furry household accessory.
Gaffer's tape is an essential photographic accessory.
The collapsible boat was touted as a necessary accessory for the traveler and the camper.
But let's not forget the linchpin accessory for the schoolyard fashionista-the lunchbox.
On top of a comfortable fit and offering easy access, this active wear accessory is also water-resistant and hand washable.
Hot sauce is an excellent accessory for any traveller.
The mini, available in five colors from pink to gold, is a fashion accessory.
Ken, for all his virile good looks and affable charm, really is an accessory.
Finally, an iPod accessory that isn't completely frivolous.
So politics is accessory to economy of market not the opposite.
Come the crisp days of autumn, though, this accessory will take on a much more elegant.
Garment-district trim suppliers have had a flurry of sales of feathers as a fashion accessory and as an exotic alternative to fur.
And that's where the pointlessness of this accessory starts to become clear.
For one thing, it's an accessory that's easy to wear.
Its latest accessory is a tiny phone receiver that you lift up to your ear to make a call.
But only one is meant for people in the poorest regions of the world, and comes with a hand crank as an accessory.
Swans adorned her bejeweled velvet backpack, as they do nearly every accessory she has.
She could see no accessory she knew of that was missing, and there were many things to which she never had been accustomed.
Above her left patent sandal is that era-appropriate accessory, the ankle bracelet.
Despite the bulk, this fat accessory manages to be fairly elegant, and has cut-outs for the camera and all the edge-switches.
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