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Accessories are the finishing touches that complete the new silhouette.
But-listen-maybe every political group on every campus should start its own line of accessories.
High-end fashion turns out to be more susceptible to downturns than leather goods or other accessories.
For more ideas, check out our collection of eco-conscious accessories.
Such a modular design combines capabilities normally found in different phones or accessories.
When clothes get paler and lighter, so do accessories.
Clever marketing and snazzy designs turned them into fashion accessories.
Both the drone and accessories are designed to comfortably fit in a standard-size backpack.
Soft gray and white towels and neutral-toned bath accessories meld with the overall palette of the room.
Discounts on accessories and children's furniture.
Tropical accessories on the deck and throughout the garden turned this entry into a personal paradise.
These laptop accessories and gadgets will help you take your show on the road.
Paint shelves and the wall behind them an eye-catching color to showcase books and accessories.
In fact, a new fashion line is putting dead animals to work as accessories.
Smaller handbags and metal belts will be among the in-vogue accessories.
Accessories in the same vibrant color family help unify the elements.
They won't find themselves staring at their accessories on everyone around them.
The low retaining wall adds further privacy and a place for accessories.
Get ideas for red walls, red accent walls, and red accessories.
He had much to do, therefore, with turning blue plastic bottles into fashion accessories.
The updated kitchen has painted furniture and well-placed accessories.
Soft gray and white towels and neutral-toned bath accessories meld with the overall palette.
Then, when she has her basic inventory lined up, she adds accessories in complementary colors.
Also trendy patio furniture and other garden accessories.
And she's decided to open a showroom to exhibit her custom built-ins, outdoor furniture, and garden accessories.
Indoors, turquoise accessories play off neutral paints and bare wood.
In the bathroom, blue tile and colorful accessories pop against an all white interior.
Mirrors, sconces, and other wall accessories further define each space.
Finally, attach a small tray to keep accessories close at hand.
White paint and modern accessories throw period details such as the banister into relief.
Cozy furnishings and thoughtfully selected accessories make an outdoor space as inviting as an indoor room.
Show that you're a hipster through your accessories or your shoes, but dress formally.
Last year, designers reduced minimalism to its bare bones, banishing all accessories except shoes.
So don't expect to start waving on digital fashion accessories right away.
Quilted clothes and accessories are in for a revival this fall.
Two easy-access pockets for accessories you want close at hand.
Florists and interior designers use them in arrangements and as decorative accessories.
The rug defines the space and color scheme, making it easier to choose accessories.
She added color with bright accessories flea-market finds.
The floor of the accessories alcove, for instance, will soon be covered in mirrored linoleum.
Upside-down-cross pendants and spiked bracelets were common accessories.
By drawing attention to them the militants become accessories to the blasphemies they ostensibly seek to repress.
Yellow sale tags dangled not only from the clothes and accessories but also from the register counter itself.
But it is absolutely within its period in terms of shape and accessories.
Every beachwear company, every surfboard company, every accessories company wants its surfers photographed there.
Cubans have resorted to seeing their phones as mere fashion accessories.
We have become eager accessories to the great hoaxes of the age.
Carry and store your photography gear with confidence with our camera accessories, gear, and bags.
Ask them to notice the specifics of what the pirates were wearing and the accessories they carried.
Lined with velvet, they make excellent jewelry boxes or striking desk accessories.
Internal easy access pocket for the accessories you want close at hand.
TomTom will also offer accessories such as a car mounting dock and power charger.
Wear yours with jeans and boots or add a splash to your accessories with a plaid purse or even patterned shoes.
Compared with its peers, accessories make-up a relatively small portion of its sales.
One way to cut fuel consumption is to eliminate the weight and power drain of accessories.
Although some primarily sell bicycles, accessories and equipment, many rent bikes and gear to visitors.
Random props and accessories that don't register on camera are scattered all over the place.
Whether your desk at home is for working or playing, give it a swift makeover with chic, useful accessories.
All kinds of yoga-related accessories are now available at sporting-goods stores and department stores.

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