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Kudos to the author for highlighting a fascinating topic that is open access and accessible by the general taxpaying public.
If you have a heart problem, choosing an island community accessible only by boat might not be the best move.
Williams and I have been working on research concerning accessible design and digital resources.
For me, this focus on teamwork rather than gore also makes it more accessible.
We're making book reviews more accessible without dumbing it down.
Be sure to schedule your trip in the summer or fall, when the towns are most accessible.
The interior of this birdhouse is easily accessible for cleaning.
Net neutrality is crucial to an accessible, equitable Web.
The Ottoman archives are accessible to historians, they're even posted online.
All facilities are wheelchair accessible.
In 1840, a train connected the city to London, making the beach accessible to the masses for the first time.
Find a web that's about face high and easily accessible from both sides.
Its aim is to make government data more easily accessible, both to journalists and to ordinary citizens.
The information is updated in real time by the users and is accessible to all those on the network at all times.
His vivid use of metaphor and his accessible writing style have made his books extremely popular.
The school offers value for money, a readily accessible faculty and a good careers office.
By making digital music purchases more accessible, it should raise their perceived value, leading to more sales.
Lucid prose and vivid examples make the book admirably accessible to non-specialists.
The next frontier will be in less accessible places, such as remote villages, hills and valleys.
Easily accessible, preventive care saves money for everyone in the long term.
For years the web has flourished by making information accessible to anyone online, anywhere.
Those awards, meanwhile, have become more accessible.
The visitors center is fully accessible, and wheelchairs are available for loan.
Currently undergoing repairs, so part of the bridge may not be accessible.
The hopes of billions for a better life depend on plentiful and accessible sources of energy.
Even so, clean, accessible water is an increasingly scarce commodity for many living creatures.
The book is accessible and actionable, with its signature, crisp design and lively text.
Much of the interior is uninhabited, and accessible only by four-wheel-drive vehicles.
There are also many excellent fishing lakes in the area, which are easily accessible by floatplane.
Otherwise, hiking is a matter of exploring wilderness shores and ridges accessible only by boat and plane.
Traveler stories feature places that are accessible to the public.
Hundreds of authors and works are quickly accessible to all the pages on which they appear.
At the back of fire-box is a compartment called the oven, accessible on each side of the stove by a door.
The following collections are only those which are best known and accessible to general use.
His vast personal collections were first made accessible to the public in his mansion.
Ever accessible, he gave lectures, responded to queries about his plays and even acted in them.
He has used everything from gumdrops to music and rides on the subway to make mathematics more fun and more accessible.
They believed deeply that even a private collection should be accessible to the public.
The easiest way to make a difficult topic accessible is through humor.
Primitive camping, hiking and backpacking trails, an accessible overlook and picnicking are available to visitors.
Frustratingly, however, the hip in question has not been extensively described in the accessible peer-reviewed literature.
However, simply strolling the gravel paths can offer an equally accessible route to time travel.
Whimsical and accessible, the writer-illustrator team presents complex ideas with their characteristic verve.
Not all of the city-state's history is readily accessible.
The monument is accessible year round with a temperate climate.
Items that will be used often should be stored where they are readily accessible.
The cracks and crevices that are a natural part of the limestone's character are in some places exposed, and in others accessible.
Accessible stations are clearly marked on current subway and rail maps.
Keep that bag easily accessible to take out at security checkpoints.
Denying any legal violation, the university said it would strive to use only accessible e-book readers for a two-year period.
We need to invest in higher education that's accessible and affordable across socioeconomic strata.
If your water heater explodes, a medical bill arises, that money isn't easily accessible.
The modern age, unlike all previous ages, made great art accessible to ordinary people.
It is accessible, for reading, to the general public but can be updated only by the authorized agencies.
Some places need to remain remote and less accessible in order to avoid harmful development.
Unfortunately, areas that are less tectonically active also have less accessible subterranean heat sources.
These new approaches come along roughly every decade and promise to make computers cheaper and more accessible.
The department will post the payments in a publicly accessible database.
Inaccessible is maybe accessible depending upon the experience of the surgeon.
Even places that are not connected by roads will be accessible.
With social networks, that information is intended for this select audience, but is often accessible to millions.
Someone could create a web accessible bank that would automatically calculate the bond strength for submitted permutations.
On land, where turbines are more accessible, gearbox maintenance issues can be tolerated.
Oil field mapping is growing in importance as oil companies exhaust easily accessible supplies.
The new technique could make vaccines cheaper and more accessible in areas lacking modern infrastructure.
That's a significant difference that ought to make these effects accessible in an entirely new way to a much broader audience.
Users can download applications to run on the blocks from an app store that's accessible through the program.
Hacked is a simple flaw in a piece of software accessible to outside influence.
It may be free and widely accessible, but it is also frustratingly inconsistent.
The usefulness moved a lot forward also once it become accessible via smartphones.
Either way, you now have a fully consolidated set of records for a patient, accessible from any system.
The scene's so accessible you can view the entire collection online.
We had only put the report on our website, making it accessible to a wider audience.
She was friendly, teasing, and accessible in a way that members of the royal family rarely are.
It was before every celebrity became his own product placement-even the rock gods seem accessible.
The digital age demands that political candidates be authentic and accessible.
The idea is that information that is more useful, manageable, and accessible will help doctors and others make better decisions.
People are inspired by the idea that something they've always wanted to do, but haven't for whatever reason, is so accessible.
Information will have to be provided in an easily accessible way to investors, which will cost money.
Maybe it was the calculated product of a neo-punk ethic that equates accessible pop music with evil.
In the second phase, the investigators moved the items around to make the green-labeled products more visible and accessible.
Its gorgeous harmonic tensions make it an instantly recognizable, accessible staple of high-school and professional choirs alike.
We swim in an ocean of data, accessible from nearly anywhere, generated by billions of devices.
But it's still a treasure trove and a gift to the future to have all these papers accessible.
It's only accessible by one small door, roughly five feet high.
Online coupons accessible by phone give small vendors a way to clear merchandise in slow hours.
In the act of making the core of the metropolis accessible, the planners of congestion have already almost made it uninhabitable.
Fortunately, a few promising programs have combined quick, accessible phonics instruction with whole-language-style activities.
While this is all geared toward developers and advanced users for now, the goal is for it to be accessible to end users.
New satellites will make information accessible on personal computers within hours.
The wine list is accessible in two forms: hanging chalkboards or hefty slabs of slate.
In the coming decades, ever-improving technologies will almost certainly make new sources of hydrocarbons accessible.
Once you do, it will be fully accessible, without inserting a disc.
His first and last priority was to make music, which keeps his sound melodic and accessible.
It is accessible only by a slender bridge, at the foot of which there are signs warning drivers to beware of low-flying pelicans.
And the actual principles-they're not accessible to consciousness.
But one plentiful source of nutrients was easily accessible to mammoths-their own dung.
There appears to be some kind of unconscious process driving moral judgments without its being accessible to conscious reflection.
Sometimes tooth abscesses develop in clearly localized and accessible regions, making incision and drainage relatively easy tasks.
But the fact that so many of them are accessible at all is unsettling.
We're trying to make the information more accessible.
The benefits of that are that the science is open and accessible to all.
We are trying to make our collections more broadly accessible.
Good metaphors can make a complex and obtuse world seem exciting and accessible.
These days, you can get a good sense of that in a matter of minutes because information is much more accessible.
The eventual answer to this would necessarily be to authorize a biography based on the facts made accessible.
His approach is calm and judicious, his prose style measured and accessible.
Despite-or rather, because of-the furor, the images remain highly accessible.
These, as well, skirt the impossible and had to be rewritten twenty years later to make them more accessible.
Now imagine what will happen when the tools of genetic engineering become accessible to these people.
Even cultures that are more accessible and seemingly well known are not necessarily transparent.
The city is overlooked by an old colonial fort, accessible by a cobbled street.
In fact, however, the letters were neither missing nor accessible.
Accessible means of egress shall comply with this section.
But minimalism has proved too simple-minded to satisfy serious listeners hungry for accessible yet challenging new scores.
Albums that friends and family have shared with you are also accessible.
The pending bill won't change anything about accessible parking spaces and parking aisles reserved for people with disabilities.

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