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At first the dog seemed frightened of the city's noise, and he thought he'd made a mistake in accepting her.
He bombed a specific military target, accepting that there would be collateral damage.
They are better at controlling their emotions, better at accepting misfortune and less prone to anger.
Another judge was convicted of accepting money to refer clients to a particular lawyer.
Be that as it may, many aspects of modern science could not work without accepting evolution.
Children have trouble accepting the need for trade-offs among competing goods.
Now it is the recipients who are vacillating about accepting it.
For those in a beneficent mood, the centre is also accepting donations.
Yet minimalists also fretted about accepting too much.
The world has enough threatening crises to confront without accepting yet another.
And poor countries have to find some way of accepting cuts in their emissions.
After accepting, applicants are expected to withdraw themselves from consideration for other positions.
Hypothetically, you should have thought about these things before accepting.
Education should not be accepting on faith, memorizing, and repeating back whatever one is told.
Bliss cautions about accepting such stories on blind faith.
The ants are duped by chemicals into accepting, nurturing, and protecting the butterfly caterpillar as one of their own.
We are now only accepting applications via the online application.
We are no longer comfortable accepting how agribusiness keeps animals who are raised for food hidden from us.
The groom is taking her away from her parents, and accepting her to be a new member of his family.
Meanwhile, researchers are slowly accepting that many animals do in fact think and feel.
In the case of a resignation, the chair may at once state the question on accepting it, or a motion to that effect may be made.
Our diplomacy should be direct and frank, neither seeking to obtain more nor accepting less than is our due.
Accepting them for who they are will make them stronger and prepare them for potential harsher reactions.
Keeping an open mind does not mean accepting as truth the ravings of a lunatic.
For instance, he writes that simply accepting that bad things will happen and facing problems head-on can alleviate anxiety.
Apart from our waking visions, our internal perceptions can trap us into not accepting reality.
Before accepting the chocolate, however, they were obliged to complete a brief questionnaire.
In the meantime, he is not shy about accepting money from the dairy industry.
Today many people think truth can be found by accepting contradictions as part of the truth.
Patients need to take some responsibility to do a little research before accepting this type of treatment plan.
People who move into the country should be made to be accepting of the fact they may see and smell cows.
Items could be paid for by walking past a reader and accepting the charges.
Only starting from here, developing countries can start accepting anything else.
Still, he had never been traded himself, and he was having some trouble accepting it.
They have resisted increasing prices here, accepting lower profit margins in order to maintain their market share.
It simply means not accepting their hostility to critical scrutiny.
Some are suspected of accepting drug money, but it's difficult to determine because the killings are barely investigated.
Humans typically have difficulty accepting that things change.
Innovation can't happen without accepting the risk that it might fail.
What she didn't say was that she hadn't always been so accepting, although four others in her family have the same disorder.
Federal laws make it illegal to ship out a patient without an accepting physician and a guaranteed bed on the other end.
Creationism is not: it's the process of accepting the lack of answers.
He didn't feel right accepting the money, he explained, since he was not a believer.
Much of the advice has to do with accepting the incorrect premises of the vaccine skeptics, and humoring them.
But that drawback is worth accepting, because this backward step opens an amazing vista of progress.
If you are incapable of accepting other people's views or ways of thinking, you should maybe not run a blog open to the public.
Accepting that role is difficult, because it means accepting mortality-not only the patient's but one's own.
The market was finally accepting the diagnosis of its own disorder.
Apparently there was an internal debate on the elk foundation board about accepting the conveyance.
Starting slowly, it broadened the diversity of its student body, accepting more people of color and more scholarship students.
It's not up now, but we're accepting registration and it will be up in a few weeks.
But everyone knows what happens to dads who are too real and accepting.
They propose what they think is a wise and accepting superficiality.
They glibly ignore evidence which does not fit the formulation while readily accepting anecdotal clinical evidence that does.
Nor does it mean accepting the fact that monetary policy matters.
Peace means first and foremost accepting the other as a partner rather than as a nuisance.
The court observes in a footnote that it is accepting the legislative resolution of a disputed empirical question.
Accepting the evolutionary account does not necessarily discredit the moral response that it explains.
The public went along, accepting the excuse that a little tyranny was necessary to protect the population.
There were few if any criteria for accepting or rejecting volunteers.
For example, a growing number of people are choosing their own spouses, rather than accepting their parents' choice.
Keep up the action, and consider accepting new responsibilities.
The last time many people heard about you, it seemed as if you were on tape, accepting cash for access to your husband.
In response to the copper coin's declining value, some stores have stopped accepting it as a form of payment.

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