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After a crime is perpetrated, it is generally accepted that society must be protected from further acts.
Generally the new theory isn't accepted until it predicts more than the old.
Yet in five cases, officials agreed to allow him back on the road if he accepted one citation and paid hundreds of dollars.
Imagine you could write cheques that were accepted as payment but never cashed.
There's even a ridiculous accepted equation for dark energy using constants.
Even if it doesn't get accepted for the conference, it will keep me on track to get the study and manuscript done.
It can also enhance their chances of getting accepted for a popular course.
Only digital photographs related to our specified monthly theme will be accepted.
Conjunctions have been accepted as a proper way to begin a sentence for some time now.
We do not use any articles submitted to, accepted by, or published by another publication.
Comments are currently closed and new comments are no longer being accepted.
Modern society has both retained traditional rituals and accepted new ones.
Again it took no less than eight swipes for the print to be accepted.
Applications and recommendation letters are only accepted as an upload through our website.
But there is no widely accepted definition of depression.
Verbal reservations, orders or cancellations are not accepted.
His paper is of such quality that it is accepted and fast-tracked for publication.
Applicants sit a merit-based test, and some debenture-holders are rejected and some non-holders accepted.
Well, guess what, our society has accepted that externality in our transportation system.
Maybe it's because society hasn't wholeheartedly accepted the idea of working remotely.
Applications and nominations will be accepted until the position is filled.
However, it has notified students who accepted offers for next year's programme before the changes were mooted.
At first, the indigenous people burned the clothing and accepted the machetes.
If accepted by consumers, other breeds of edible fish are likely to follow.
Such unqualified applicants don't change the odds of qualified students being accepted.
But all of the violence on television-that's accepted.
Cosmic inflation is so widely accepted that it is often taken as established fact.
In other parts of the world, however, radon treatments have been around for much longer and are more widely accepted.
Nominations and applications will be accepted until the position is filled.
The surgery-which makes the recipient a human-animal chimera-is widely accepted.
Application materials will not be accepted via fax, e-mail, mail or hand delivery.
Paper or emailed applications for this position will not be accepted.
Add all plastic containers with accepted recycling codes to your bin.
There can be no adaptation when the pain of adapting cannot be accepted.
No phone calls or email inquiries will be accepted for this position.
Faxed, mailed, or emailed applications will not be accepted.
Cariocas have long accepted the hillside favelas as part of the landscape.
Its decisions have been patiently waited for, and accepted as legally conclusive by the general judgment of the public.
In this process evil things formerly accepted will not be so easily condoned.
The work that would sweep away accepted truths to create the foundation of modern thought.
Sometimes the synonymous words are accepted catch-phrases, sometimes they evince pure pleasure in language.
The accepted and betrothed lover has lost the wildest charm of his maiden in her acceptance of him.
But others have simply accepted that, for them, music is not a moneymaking business.
But the telephone began to be accepted through popular disobedience.
Most students will find out this month where they have been accepted.
Not all the applicants got in, and many who did get accepted didn't need the help.
Baseball owners claim the umpires were let go because their resignations were accepted.
For a long time, the idea was pretty much universally accepted.
Research output has to be top tier to get tenure or to be accepted into a tenure track position.
Applications will be accepted and evaluated until this position is filled.
It's not necessarily officially announced that the first choice has accepted the job.
The time to do this is while you have the offer and have not accepted.
Do not rub it in their face exactly what other offer you accepted.
My efforts to usher new techniques into the field have been accepted by my peers, but not by many in the regulatory world.
It requires an inquisitive mind not restricted by accepted dogma.
Well, that used to be the style, but kelvins is now the accepted norm.
It's my understanding that an apology is accepted as an admission of guilt in court.
We have done so using rigorous, established, well-accepted physics.
None of this is to say that an objection raised to one's results should be automatically accepted as true.
Granted, the rulers have learned and expanded the base of whom is accepted into the ranks of government.
Research carried out on birds now suggests that the accepted wisdom could be wrong.
It has long been accepted that material well-being alone does not adequately measure quality of life.
By now the product is widely accepted and growth slows down.
He accepted that the ultimate responsibility for the disappointment of voters rested with him.
Such a draconian policy might have been accepted had the disease been controlled quickly.
Incredibly, the complaints of these self-interested parties are blandly accepted at face value.
In some cases the companies have more or less graciously accepted higher taxes.
He stolidly accepted his loveless marriage as the price he must pay for his gains.
It begins with axioms, or accepted truths, and employs a series of logical statements to arrive at a conclusion.
If you accepted this bet ten times in a row, you could expect to gain two hundred and fifty dollars.
So she cheerfully accepted her role in the household.
Children provide the clearest demonstration of this fact, although it was slow to be accepted.
These healthy cells were transplanted back into the mouse, whose immune system accepted them as the animal's own tissue.
That's a brave step forward but one that he has little choice over, if his ideas are to be broadly accepted.
So power efficient model with all the basic communication features with some style is always accepted.
It was stated that breeder reactors have not been accepted because of proliferation concerns.
There are three kinds of infinity accepted by mathematicians.
He helped us set a record number that year, and he accepted his best-actor award with grace and a million-dollar smile.
The judge accepted this without complaint, as if he had learned to believe in fate.
It wasn't until the turn of the century that it began to be accepted as a kind of standard practice for journalism.
Cloning research that does not involve people is becoming more widely accepted.
It doesn't really fit the accepted paradigm of what animals are capable of doing.
People will still be falling down the hole, mind you, but it will become accepted.
According to her widely accepted theory, the fusion of early bacteria gave rise to the first nucleated cells.
Yet there is no widely accepted explanation of how a particle happens to choose a single state when it is disturbed.
Their families were initially astounded and confused but eventually accepted them as boys.
Not surprisingly, perhaps, such ideas are not easily accepted.
The dark matter hypothesis is pretty well accepted, but not entirely by any means.
But some moral philosophers posit that this is not harmful or immoral, and should be socially accepted.
However there are no cogent side-effects accepted off.
Even though you would financially better off if you accepted, you friend's proposal is unfair and rather insulting.
It contains additional supporting evidence of the volume's thesis-now widely accepted by the historical profession.
But after a few days, he changed his mind and accepted the prize.
When the author finished writing his work, he read it to the company, which either accepted or rejected it at this point.
He contributed to prestigious literary magazines, was accepted in serious artistic circles.
Some dancers actually accepted fees from interested ballet patrons for making introductions.
Applications are accepted year-round until all vacancies are filled.
To take care of odds and ends, he also accepted bribes in return for government favors.

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