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Your acceptance of things in your life taking more time for you is truly admirable.
Belief in an interventionist deity demands acceptance that events occur for which there is no naturalistic explanation.
The acceptance rates at elite colleges are getting lower.
Every year around this time colleges and universities release their acceptance rates.
Acupuncture suffers from two barriers to more widespread acceptance by doctors.
Although he was ridiculed at the time, acceptance of the fork soon followed.
Payment will be made upon acceptance of the text with submission of an invoice in the amount specified in the contract.
Acceptance rates at selective colleges have been declining for decades.
But turning a conditional-admission offer into a full-fledged acceptance doesn't come cheaply for students.
There will never be any public display of community acceptance.
Science is not about acceptance by the public or society but by qualified peer reviewers.
Then factor in a lack of strict building codes and an acceptance of alternative viewpoints.
The increasing acceptance of gays and lesbians is precisely what bothers some of the opponents of the legislation.
The acceptance stage will then be reached when these countries realise they can't afford to repay these debts and so they won't.
But some have arrived, however reluctantly, at a point of acceptance.
But last fall, denial suddenly gave way to reluctant acceptance that the naysayers were right.
Cantor's plan to remake the student population has been the acceptance rate.
Not dismissing a retracted study would provide it with tacit acceptance without proof.
Your submission of an application for employment indicates your acceptance and affirmation of this statement.
Even then acceptance of finite risk comes with the territory.
Now new research into how worldview affects one's acceptance of matters scientific sounds a similar theme.
Acceptance of such liabilities coupled with potential allows for growth.
It would seem that, if their solution can gain acceptance it would establish recognition of the fundamental problem.
Convenience is an important factor in consumer acceptance.
Good ideas do not need lots of lies told about them in order to gain public acceptance.
But even as he weakened, his math gained acceptance.
The college acceptance game has become a kind of social control.
Then the tales of acceptance calls started to come through.
Top journals have low acceptance rates but a high pay-off of status if you get in.
If you can address their stated concerns, you may have an acceptance given.
Where a range of committee members find consensus, there you'll find a likely candidate for acceptance into the program.
The ego seeks to confirm itself and it does that through acceptance of similar people and rejection of dissimilar people.
Acceptance and problem solving need to be taught way before students get to middle or high school.
But other factors helped the machines gain acceptance.
The people are genuine with a southern welcome wagon flair of acceptance.
But social factors, such as peer acceptance, can also strongly influence how people eat.
Last week thousands of high school seniors received acceptance letters from the colleges of their choice.
As social animals, humans are driven by an inherent need to win acceptance, and to form and maintain relationships with others.
But the problem is one of image and consumer acceptance.
We shouldn't be reactionary in our refutation or acceptance of this data.
Faith presupposes the unknowable, but the acceptance of logic does not affect faith.
Minimizing risk and the probability of an accident, yes, but implicit in this approach is an acceptance: accidents will happen.
All major works are received with an unchanging pattern: critical acceptance, followed by rejection.
In my field there is no huge time lag between an acceptance and publication.
Of course, blind acceptance is not the answer to everything.
Yet this revulsion was often followed by critical appraisal, and then grudging and partial acceptance.
We'll respond in four to six weeks and will pay upon acceptance.
The ideas introduced were revolutionary at the time: global cooperation, acceptance of foreign values, and equality of races.
We'll respond in two to six weeks and will pay upon acceptance.
Her strength and dexterity in the ring, and her ability to knock out the toughest of fighters, won her fame and acceptance.
All products and services must be approved by the publisher before acceptance of insertion order.
At the same time, advances in technology have allowed for a growing public acceptance of an increase in toll roads.
Stuff, and thus acceptance of transit, is a culture thing.
Tendency is fostered by the universal acceptance of and the importance bestowed on,standardized tests.
Even if the interface technologies work, they might face a long road to acceptance.
Mathematics seems to be the only useful tool, because of its universal acceptance.
Curious the comments here contesting the acceptance of evolution.
One needs a will stubborn in conflict, but apt always to the total acceptance of every consequence of living and dying.
And, though he won instant acceptance, he defied imitation.
The wide public acceptance of the periodical which he edited naturally brought a share of financial success to him.
The accepted and betrothed lover has lost the wildest charm of his maiden in her acceptance of him.
It is one of the great tragedies of life that every truth has to struggle to acceptance against honest but mind-blind students.
Yet any acceptance was, for the present, impossible.
The changing acceptance of and legal status of somatic rights could have an immense impact on human society.
Skepticism and then acceptance when the evidence mounts.
The fat acceptance movement makes similar arguments.
Driving simulators have been used for years to research roadway designs, train drivers, and test consumer acceptance of new cars.
However, the general acceptance of a technology does not make it good or right.
But it's a stupid argument because it won't do anything to gain acceptance in the general public or in politics.
Acceptance and a sense of humor keep you mellow and fine.
More important than any of this, however, is the politics these awards convoke in the form of acceptance speeches.
It has remarkable rates of graduation and college acceptance.
But statehood must be, at some point, a willing acceptance of principles.
The first is his uncritical acceptance of the book's deeply flawed methodology.
Success in such an effort depends upon wide acceptance by thousands of autonomous school districts.
Totalitarianism implies the voluntary and unconditional acceptance of ideas and directives emanating from above.
Acceptance by an elite college is an obvious example, as is success in a recognized profession.
Borders were in many instances vague and lacking in firm acceptance.
One obstacle to broad acceptance of the new thinking is that babies can't talk.

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