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Even then, only particular models that meet noise and emissions standards have been acceptable.
At this point, he said, it appears that the public is leery of setting a high level for acceptable radiation.
Determining a new federal standard for acceptable levels of arsenic in drinking water was no easy task.
High-quality scans of non-digital photographs are acceptable.
Light afternoon sun is also acceptable and preferable in the desert.
With a hosted service, bidders can simply submit their maximum acceptable bid, and let the company handle the rest.
It was considered an acceptable choice only if none of the jobs at research universities came through.
The remaining investment may produce less return, but the risk is more acceptable.
Few wear watches, and late arrivals are socially acceptable.
That's why it's important for patients to monitor blood sugar levels and make sure they're staying within an acceptable range.
Some researchers have proposed that that only names published in peer-reviewed publications should be acceptable.
Taking short hikes along the beach is also acceptable.
Experience in these areas is acceptable if degree is in a relevant field, such as higher education.
The acceptable face of government intervention now is to try to catalyse the growth of brand new industries.
The boats have exchange offices with acceptable rates for your leftover cash.
That's why the astilbe that one deer shuns is a perfectly acceptable munchie to another.
The social network's policy for what's acceptable behavior is also concise, direct and well, almost human.
Cutting up another driver is therefore perfectly acceptable.
Check the resin identification code on the bottom of a plastic bottle to determine whether it's acceptable for recycling.
The process of stating a problem in a language that is acceptable to a computer is primarily intuitive rather than formal.
It's more or less impossible to define hysteria in a way that a physician today would find acceptable.
Both horizontal and vertical orientations are acceptable.
They also note that drawing in a background is perfectly acceptable for entrants who refuse to stay inside the lines.
But the enzymes that govern biochemistry are such precise tools that, often, only one-handedness is acceptable.
Not long ago it seemed taboo to use that term, but it is widely acceptable in this day and age.
People fixing legally acceptable levels of pollutant know that no level is guarantee to be safe.
Second, the cables were not evidence acceptable to a court.
Goldman also called for a conference of scientists who could determine a level of contamination that would be acceptable.
Nor, more worryingly, are all his supporters acceptable to each other.
Prevent degradation by keeping the volume of tourists within maximum acceptable limits.
Movies, it's still crazy, but it's an acceptable amount of crazy.
It is absolutely acceptable for any individual or community to elect not to participate in the project.
Any other choice of materials that will accomplish the same thing would be acceptable.
He simply seems to think that leaving his primary job half done is acceptable.
Actions deemed odd, psychotic or even barbaric by one culture may be perfectly acceptable to another.
The fact that cohabitation is so acceptable means that those who do marry are a more select group.
Visiting homes throughout the neighborhood was once acceptable.
There is a possibility that no mix is acceptable why restrictions is a must then.
Other customers of course trade down to a cheaper acceptable flight.
In an emergency, they expected to land the spacecraft at the nearest acceptable runway--they had no means of escape.
Yes, leave the prisons open for those with acceptable offenses.
Variants acceptable to the voting population become incorporated, while those that are unacceptable get voted down.
Differing in more than two items is also acceptable.
Ask them to consider the things they would need to do to make sure the restaurants were acceptable to the local culture.
It's galling that so many people still think that's an acceptable form of discourse.
So it was an acceptable tactic for anti-whalers but now that the pro-whales are using it, it is somehow wrong.
He did this because if he didn't relieve the tension at acceptable places, the audience might laugh at inappropriate times.
The only acceptable answer is that predictions have been made and compared with observation.
Lacing system is acceptable but could have been done better making fast entry and closer much easier.
We can, and do, legislate acceptable and unacceptable behavior.
Part-time or full-time enrollment is acceptable as well as enrollment in an accredited film, art or design school.
Sniffing, sobbing, wiling and ranting are socially acceptable expressions in some cultures.
If animals evolve to be naturally hairless, it is acceptable.
Opposition to that plan resulted in a revision considered acceptable to the community.
New ideas are not acceptable because they rock the boat.
Parents may tell themselves this to rationalize their behavior, but that doesn't make it acceptable.
Some kinds of bags, though, have always been acceptable.
Both candidates in the race for state attorney general boast acceptable credentials.
Broadcast standards at all three networks declare that violence may not be shown as an acceptable solution to human problems.
Officials deemed this to be within acceptable limits.
Buying one for a friend, however, is a lot more acceptable.
Within reasonable return-home time--certainly less than a week--a thank-you note is acceptable.
It would be good to know what are acceptable values.
She went to a boarding school where only a clean face and neat hair were acceptable with the school's navy uniform.
In a different thread, someone made the point that emails are informal and hence poor punctuation and poor grammar are acceptable.
And while this option might be perfectly acceptable according to the new law, some fear it's too soft a safety measure.
People consider it acceptable to bully the mentally ill so that adds to the problem.
There has to be a clear message that this is not acceptable.
It is usually acceptable and often useful to take out individual animals to improve the general health of the populations.
Luckily our brains generally create an acceptable image of what is around us.
But there can only be one acceptable outcome-an absolute right to record our encounters with authority.
Acceptable dress code to any restaurant, workplace or event.
We are teaching ours that it is ok to bark at someone, but only a few barks are acceptable.
With nothing to believe in, believing anything is both acceptable and useless as purpose disappears.
Cute and tiny, with forgettable but acceptable food.
But it's also acceptable-maybe even preferable-if the reason it was memorable was only tangentially related to the food.
The public had simply reached the point that cutting of old-growth, especially by clearcutting, was not considered acceptable.
Using the piece meal excuse to avoid responsibility is not acceptable.
He had to be closely supervised and guided in social situations to make sure that his behavior was socially acceptable.
In some cultures, the boundaries of what is considered acceptable violence are extremely different.
Correct her as many times as you have to until the dog realizes this behavior is not acceptable.
Fruits are acceptable gifts, because they are the flower of commodities, and admit of fantastic values being attached to them.
Fruits are acceptable gifts because they are the flower of commodities, and admit of fantastic values being attached to them.
However, your interest and advice are welcome and acceptable.
But whatsoever hath a blemish, that shall ye not offer: for it shall not be acceptable for you.
Thoroughly ripe fruits should be freely indulged in, and to many are more acceptable than desserts prepared in the kitchen.
My friends, silence will be more acceptable to me in the discussion of these questions than applause.
The question, then, is what level of risk is acceptable.
There was, he suggested, no clear dividing line between what was acceptable and what was not.
When at work they use self-censorship to avoid crossing the invisible line that defines what is acceptable.
When the economy slows below the path it finds acceptable, it steps on the gas.
What's more, today's smartphone cameras actually yield acceptable image quality.
We may end up in a situation where neither depleted uranium nor the only known alternative material are politically acceptable.
There are places where this is an acceptable, even preferred method of ordering.
Finally, after representing these two totals as a ratio, you check a different chart to see if it falls into an acceptable range.
One of my students decided to ignore my lectures on what kinds of sources are acceptable for research papers.
It should be in an acceptable format that highlights all your qualifications.
The key question then is how to ensure that the end-destination is more acceptable, and that the transition is smooth.
Try to work out the acceptable scenarios in advance.
And students could tolerate the icy abyss much longer than when they were only allowed to say more socially acceptable words.
But researchers think that a big factor is simple cultural change-it's more and more acceptable to be on the drugs.
We, however, believe that consumers should have the right to know whether their food was raised in a way they deem acceptable.
Therefore the only acceptable dilution is zero discharged pollutants.
If nuclear energy costs as much as or more than solar, then it is not an acceptable option for that reason alone.
There is no way that will work but it seems this is the only acceptable solution to these people.
Coal burning will only be ecologically acceptable when power plant uses pure oxygen in the combustion cycle.
Only later did nations reach a verdict on whether it was acceptable to target a munitions factory next to a primary school.
She helped make pants and shoulder pads much more acceptable and chic.
Lazar championed only those writers, composers, and actors he found acceptable as dinner and travel companions.
Maybe the possibility that the truck is on your agenda for later this morning makes the bragging acceptable.
In the intercepts, princes talk openly about bilking the state, and even argue about what is an acceptable percentage to take.
It's simply an acceptable risk, and sooner or later even a system that is ninety-per-cent safe will fail.
Neither movie is an acceptable choice, but don't get a ride from the guy who likes the second one.
The reason that this sense of the word is now generally acceptable is the reason that usage guides need to be revised.
Default on debt obligations is not an acceptable option.
The political world has such a narrow conception of what's acceptable from the wives, she purrs.
And its ethics were definitely acceptable in their day.
The market does not necessarily convert rising productivity into an acceptable distribution of income and leisure, however.
If its power life was days or weeks, it would be acceptable for combat use.
Possibly for this reason it may not prove altogether acceptable.
We believe the principles are realistic, honorable, and acceptable.
Disorder and unregulated variety were no longer acceptable, either in morality or in nature.
Accordingly, since collateral damage is not morally acceptable in solving domestic problems, it is never morally acceptable.
There is no excuse or acceptable argument for abusing and exploiting children as combatants.
Put that way, the thesis is acceptable and even bland.
We look for some simple and broadly acceptable criteria that will help us get this pain out of the way.
But it is not acceptable to have protesters link up with each other in a national network.
We look for some simple, rapid and broadly acceptable criteria that will help us get this pain out of the way.
But the journey would be more authentic and its destination more acceptable.
Often the whole libretto had to be rewritten in order to be politically acceptable.
Some believe that the lack of a public option might be acceptable if new regulations and oversight are sufficiently muscular.
Genetically engineered phytoplankton might be cheaper and politically more acceptable than genetically engineered trees.
Instead, there is an evolving search to find a politically acceptable stand-in.
Obviously, it implies that there is no acceptable explanation.
Only reliable data based on direct optical observation is acceptable.
Nuclear will become acceptable again when the population perceives the benefit to outweigh the risk, appropriately factored.
Should you plan to retain the dehumidifier within your bedroom, make positive the sound experience degree is acceptable for you.
The lines above and below it represent the acceptable upper and lower control limits.
Suffice to say that physics must be placed on acceptable mathematical framework.
Until recently, such proposals have remained on the fringes of acceptable scientific speculation.
Acceptable viewing angle wedge for wide audiences is a problem.
By reducing the collateral damage, he was making nuclear weapons more acceptable, and therefore more likely to be used.
Some industries need to get fairly large before they can produce their product at an acceptable price.
Now you have responsibility to provide scientifically acceptable substantiation of your self-defeating, self-degrading comments.
The implicit corollary is that a catastrophe is acceptable as long as it can be said to have been foreseen.
Whatever she wore or did became instantly acceptable.
It did not have the good-bad taste to be called vulgar, which would have been acceptable.
It is acceptable to carry liquids in a container if the total amount is less than three ounces per container.
People-watching, celebrity-spotting acceptable pastime in airports.
Check local regulations before you leave home to make sure your gear is acceptable at your destination.
As such, limits placed on guns in the name of public safety are both acceptable and desirable questions for discussion.
And it's perfectly acceptable to pay nothing at all.
Your silence sends a message that police brutality is acceptable.
In a rising real estate market, such risks were deemed acceptable.
In some instances membership records or affidavits by clergy based on their records will be acceptable.

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