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Example sentences for accentuate

You can accentuate each line with an eyebrow pencil and literally draw anger, fear or horror into your face.
Regulators need to counterbalance the cycle, not accentuate it.
Yaged said he will be looking at opportunities in the digital space to accentuate storytelling.
Most people mentally accentuate their partners' better qualities.
Her job was to accentuate the dancers' ability to reveal new spaces around them.
Don't criticize his mistakes or accentuate his shortcomings.
Sound technical writers no longer accentuate the passive voice.
In all cases, I try to accentuate the positive.
Quiet, graceful illustrations accentuate the classic tale's nostalgic tone.
Be concise, engaging and accentuate your strengths.
The rising yuan and the cheap peso accentuate this trend.
Yet any study of human differences seems to play into the hands of those who would accentuate those differences.
Beginning with the earliest shows, the models were eye candy, there to accentuate the cars and trucks on display.
No one should be surprised that companies with trouble on their hands would accentuate the positive.
He even thought about getting a divider for their room, but rejected the idea because it would simply accentuate the confinement.
The wooden building is encased with large windows that accentuate the wonderful view of the marshlands, grazing sheep, and bay.
His festive apparel seemed only to accentuate his hostility.
The use of precise perspective images to accentuate a project's finer points is growing within the department.
Flowers and lush green plants accentuate the stark whiteness of the garden walls.

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