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With the added weight of people and supplies, it would simply take too long for the craft to reach acceleration speed.
Observe the speed limit and avoid rapid acceleration or braking.
Inertia sensors are faster, but less accurate, providing only acceleration and rotation speed.
For heavy acceleration and high speed, these vehicles rely on power from both an internal combustion engine and an electric motor.
Units fell 13.3% in 2010, a steep acceleration after units declined 3.7% in 2009.
Technology both caters to and fosters our acceleration.
There's an acceleration of e-books into the library market.
The increased velocity is attributed to acceleration caused by magnetic waves spiraling from the sun.
In a best-case scenario, these efforts will also stop the acceleration of global warming.
We know that the acceleration of a falling body is the constant g.
And the past couple of years have seen a remarkable acceleration in exchanges.
One of these puzzles has to do with the acceleration caused by the explosion.
Propulsion of most aircraft derives from the rearward acceleration of the air.
You can change the horsepower, mileage, color and acceleration.
The velocity must therefore always remain less than c, however great may be the energies used to produce the acceleration.
If this acceleration continues, sea levels could rise faster than some models had predicted.
In theory, spacecraft powered by solar sails are capable of nearly constant acceleration in the void of space.
The result is unbalanced thermal radiation that produces a small acceleration.
It combines video and audio recording with collection of environmental data such as depth, temperature, and acceleration.
During full-throttle acceleration or under heavy load, the motor gets a power boost from the battery.
There are also plans to integrate standard sensors for acceleration, light levels, and salinity as well.
He had introduced the notion of inertia, and the concept of acceleration as a change in velocity.
Bella's father talked about trading in their car for a newer model with better acceleration and more legroom.
For the vertical motion, the acceleration should be constant.
One way to characterize the landing is with the acceleration.
If the elevator is only going up one floor, it really doesn't need to go too fast and thus does not have a large acceleration.
Few, however, expect this rate of productivity acceleration to be sustained.
Many number-crunchers are forecasting a sharp acceleration of economic growth in the summer.
Growth was largely attributable to continued acceleration in personal consumption expenditures.
But they are trying both to mitigate and publicise an alarming acceleration in the rate at which languages are vanishing.
There is now an acceleration in the rates at which they are becoming both cleverer and cheaper: an explosive combination.
One reason for this acceleration is that company hierarchies are flatter than they used to be.
He argues that this technological acceleration affects many industries.
Less agreeable is the explosion of public debt and the acceleration of a decades-long trend: financial concentration.
But with the acceleration of economic growth, the problem has hugely worsened.
The researchers put this acceleration down to two things.
Flustered, they inserted the control rods again, which prompted a further acceleration of the power.
After previous recessions an acceleration in output had helped the employment recover to its initial level.
Makes plays on the ball, using fluid hip swerve and acceleration to displays good sideline range.
And the secure handling, comfortable ride and spirited acceleration make the car enjoyable to drive.
However, more distant galaxies' distance estimates disagreed unless a cosmological constant was used to indicate acceleration.
It did, however, show that it received some acceleration from solar photons.
Evidently, this new-found acceleration cannot be explained by our present understanding.
If the object has sufficient acceleration, it can burst through this barrier of sound waves and move ahead of the radiated sound.
It occurs when there is a sudden acceleration or deceleration of the head, a process depicted here in this animation.
In a nutshell, current theory cannot explain the acceleration.
Such walls would repel all matter with a constant acceleration.
When the starting pistol fires, sprinters launch into the race with a burst of acceleration.
Fast acceleration and true highway speeds greatly reduce mileage of hybrids.
Electrostatic acceleration is far more efficient way to reach ignition temperature.
The car is bigger, more spacious, has better acceleration and actually improves mileage number significantly.
When it comes to acceleration, the new technology has the old beat flat.
More acceleration is required when the circle is smaller.
The idea is to explain the observed acceleration of the universe by modifying gravity rather than introducing dark energy.
Acceleration is downward on the rubber sheet and outward on the torus.
Lifting its head, it sees the attacker and suddenly takes off with extraordinary acceleration.
However, there is nothing prohibiting an acceleration in a perpendicular direction.
The data-loggers recorded the whales' position, their acceleration, and the noise and pressure of the surrounding water.
Keeping the engine in its optimal range requires a convoluted system of gears and clutches, and acceleration is still compromised.
The battery drives the car at low speeds for short distances and boosts acceleration, lowering demand on the engine.
The system starts with a specially designed adapter containing tiny accelerometers, which measure acceleration.
For longer trips or to help with acceleration, a gas engine kicks in.
The energy in the compressed gas can then be released to power acceleration.
It turns out that the additional acceleration that the vortices add to the wind can increase the power of vertical axis turbines.
The fuel cell could then run more steadily, serving to keep the battery topped without providing bursts of acceleration.
And the faster you travel, the more fuel you're going to need to carry for acceleration and deceleration.
The first phase starts at the top of the swing and involves impulsive acceleration of the hands and club.
The device then selects specific movements that can be used to control the velocity, acceleration, or direction of the wheelchair.
Only the video libraries on your machine may use hardware acceleration.
Such a system requires some battery capacity to enable instant starting and bursts of power for acceleration.
The problem is that the event horizon depends on the acceleration of the observer.

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