accelerant in a sentence

Example sentences for accelerant

Of course, demand is a key component to driving value, but the defective nature of the appraisal process served as an accelerant.
But the scheme is more likely to be an ironic accelerant of it.
Gun-cotton is used as an accelerant in almost every firearm, including cannons.
Cloud seeding sounds fundamentally dangerous as a potential accelerant to climate change.
It is an insult to reason, a false distraction, and an accelerant for confusion.
One factor that may be significant in determining if a fire was intentionally set is the presence of an accelerant.
When a dog properly identifies an explosive or accelerant odor and sits, it is rewarded with food.
These canines are used to detect either narcotic, explosives or accelerant substances.
It was evident that a petroleum-based accelerant had been used to contribute to the fires progress.
They found that someone again used an accelerant to start the fire.
The detectives took the dog to appellant's parked car where the dog alerted for the presence of an accelerant.
He offered his expert opinion that the fire was started by some sort of accelerant.
Investigators subsequently determined that the device contained a powder accelerant.
The acquisition of an accelerant-detecting canine has also helped make conducting arson investigations more efficient.
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