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We learn first to play with it academically, as the magnet was once a toy.
Her work has been published academically and in creative journals.
He marshaled on to have an impressive career, academically speaking.
He cites research showing that home-schooled children tend to excel both academically and socially in later life.
But there is little academically accepted evidence of a causal relationship.
The universities that compete successfully gain both financially and academically.
It is no wonder, then, that many boys disengage academically.
Their math tutorials draw from cutting-edge research about the way students learn and what motivates them to succeed academically.
But my joy at lording this status over my more academically talented sister was short-lived.
After all the old timber cutters were not academically educated.
In their place, academically-trained members of the society under study have distinct advantages.
Our students are academically prepared and challenged for the future.
They don't take us seriously academically, professionally or as human beings.
When given the opportunity to take more academically challenging courses in high school, they frequently decline.
Most colleges and universities offer merit or non-need-based scholarships to academically talented students.
The school is economically, ethnically, and academically diverse.
Students struggle academically to meet the expectations of their instructors.
Because of their transience and isolation, it is easy for these students to fall out of step academically and socially.

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