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Example sentences for acacia

They observed that the spiders ate nutrient-rich buds that grow on acacia plants.
For centuries the region supported savannahs full of wildlife, lush acacia forests, and areas so swampy they were uninhabitable.
Elephants eat small trees, such as acacia, that grow on the savanna.
He reached down, uprooted a small acacia tree, and stuffed it into his new friend's mouth.
Acacia beetles taken from branches have their legs plucked and are popped in the bag too.
Acacia pied barbet feeding on the pollen and nectar in this flower.
We made our way along the ridge back to the acacia flats along lake's edge.
Beyond these stands an acacia, smooth and bending in places, then again various other shapes and names.
One study found that they avoid eating a type of acacia tree that is home to ants.
There is a wide lawn and a copse of acacia, oak and eucalyptus trees.
Acacia trees rely on thorns to keep plant-eating animals from eating all of their leaves.
Other woodlands feature acacia and semi-evergreen trees.
Push down on one of the acacia-wood handles and this section moves away, letting liquids escape.
Mile after mile of palm-oil plantation alternates with mile after mile of regimented lines of acacia trees, grown for pulpwood.
The school is really little more than a sandy patch of ground under an acacia tree.
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