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Example sentences for abysmally

But the two-and-a-half-year-olds, much to my and their parents' surprise, failed abysmally.
It is truly scary when the abysmally uninformed are in a position to affect the quality and funding of scientific research.
As the work of a social scientist, that article was abysmally bad.
The faculty at my university was abysmally low and everyone was expecting conditions to deteriorate.
Interest rates on low-risk investments, such as certificates of deposit and money market funds, are abysmally low.
It is worth noting that the countries that have these types of policies also tend toward abysmally low birth rates.
Right now, they're doing fine at one and abysmally at the other.
By the time the group arrived, the wind had died down, but my spirits were abysmally low.
Given the abysmally low milk prices of the last few years, the nation's beleaguered dairy farmers need every dollar they can get.
She was intellectually arrogant, perhaps, and as a manager she failed abysmally.
Most e-paper has abysmally low refresh rates, far too slow to trace the movement of a stylus on a tablet.
Slackening the muscles here causes abysmally weak and asthmatic breathing.
There have been drives in the past to discourage urinating in public, which all failed, abysmally.
Research and development spending by existing firms is abysmally low.
We've tried war on drugs, and that has failed abysmally.
However the antennae needed are impossibly large and the efficiency abysmally low.
Makes a whole lotta sense to me, especially in view of the abysmally falling standards in education, across the land.
But an important point not mentioned in your editorial is that cancer patient participation in clinical trials is abysmally low.
He noted that current laws have produced an abysmally small number of truly affordable homes.
Slackening the muscles here causes abysmally weak and asthmatic breathing.
And never has an approach been so abysmally executed.
Abysmally low solar output will also play a significant role which is not yet well predicted or completely understood.
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