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Below 11508/7 it becomes less abundant ( < 2% of the Pumice is not abundant except in 11509/7 (cf.
New York, abundant in amenities from theater to nail salons, is famous for its paucity of public toilets.
Since maples have abundant surface roots, they do well in relatively shallow and broad containers.
Each contributed a favorite dish to the fresh, abundant feast.
Documentation for this tale is abundant.
When abundant, the price of lobsters can fall as low $3.25 a pound.
Wide open spaces, abundant natural areas, peace and quiet have their appeal.
Until there are abundant jobs out there for everyone, my plan is to continue making lemonade with whatever I can get.
Fish such as Arctic cod, flatfish, and smelt are abundant here.
Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe.
While not abundant, organic farms around the country offer locally grown, pesticide-free trees and wreaths.
There's an abundant supply of salt, which lawmakers often took grains of, and pans that once held flashes.
If you're single, taxis are inexpensive and abundant.
Research on educational attainment provides abundant evidence that a college education produces significant lifelong effects.
His book had an abundant popularity, especially along the frontier which it satirized.
Of real poetical quality it has little, but abundant technical cleverness.
Presently the trees grew thinner, and the shrubby undergrowth more abundant.
It is especially abundant on the posterior wall of the abdomen, and particularly around the kidneys, where it contains much fat.
When scarce resources become abundant, smart people treat them differently, exploiting them rather than conserving them.
Breaking these molecules apart would release oxygen that could react with the abundant hydrogen to form water.
The island also has abundant shopping, with chic designer boutiques and small shops selling traditional pottery and crafts.
Nature trails, a wildlife observation tower and observation building offer abundant viewing.
It's related to thunderstorm development because abundant water vapor is a key ingredient for thunderstorm formation.
From the economic point of view its cheap labor is much more abundant, so its cost advantage will not quickly be eliminated.
If you want to live in a nation that is prospering, make sure that its available energy supply is abundant.
Water, the unique molecule that cradles and nurtures life here, is apparently common and perhaps abundant in the solar system.
It also has quite a bit of iron, and a smelter could easily be made using solar concentration from that abundant sunlight again.
Because in photosynthesis, plant chlorophyll uses wavelengths of blue and our sun's abundant red, and reflects green.
And the body of the observatory is the ice itself, an abundant medium with an astonishing natural clarity.
The sudden presence of abundant food should cause a population explosion, and it has.
Above all the area boasts abundant hay, which has been in such short supply that the price has quadrupled.
Weird how such an abundant energy source has been totally ignored for decades.
Cosmic conditions favorable to life may, if anything, become even more abundant.
It's a cleaner burning gas, more abundant, and more affordable.
By the way that will still leave us a an abundant supply of oil for petrochemicals.
Ordinary coal abundant almost all around the globe is another raw-material for producing petroleum.
These tiny flies, which feed primarily on mushrooms, reproduce in a peculiar fashion when food is abundant.
It's tough to stand out on a newsstand crowded with concept covers and abundant cleavage.
They've been more and less abundant, if you take the long view.
There is constant electricity, gas and abundant water.
It is likely to continue to do so, despite environmental concerns, because coal is abundant and cheap.
Where abundant capital is available, the preferred method is open-pit mining.
The first edition shed abundant light on high political processes as they were happening.
Their government, eager to loosen constraints on resources and industrial expansion at home, supports them with abundant loans.
Such heat, in many places that have a shortage of fresh water, is one thing that is in abundant supply.
Workers routinely shuttle between industries and cities to wherever jobs are abundant.
All good things should be abundant, and they should be free.
Solar energy is popular because it is clean and abundant.
The laws of economic gravity suggest capital should flow from where it is abundant to where it is scarce.
Capitalists can also go to where workers are abundant.
Fast-growing crops would be planted in the tropics, where sunlight is abundant.
Every major country has abundant land in the form of farms and forests, much of which can be converted someday into urban land.
By that measure, raw materials have become more abundant, not scarcer.
The prospect of growing water shortages has some in water-abundant countries thirsting to make a profit from selling it.
Today the availability of abundant data enables companies to cater to small niche markets anywhere in the world.
Occasionally on a warm winter day, a chipmunk will venture outdoors, especially near bird feeders where food is abundant.
Although sunscreens are readily abundant, widely promoted and relatively cheap, skin cancer is on the rise.
Organic dyes reduce the cost of making the cells because they are more abundant and cheaper to obtain than ruthenium compounds.
But because sodium is orders of magnitude more abundant than lithium, it is cheaper to use.
Silicon has the great advantage of being abundant and of having a long history in the manufacturing of electronics.
From an economic and security point of view, having abundant local energy solves everything.
Those elements are neither abundant nor concentrated.
But as countries turn to abundant coal as the energy source of choice, many worry an environmental catastrophe is in the making.
Remove the gossypol, however, and you'd have a cheap and abundant form of protein for everyone.
During a stroll, you'll be able to pluck cherry tomatoes and kumquats off abundant vines.
Abundant supplies of crude oil worldwide are no bargain either.
Most of the tracks clock in at about five minutes, with solid melodies and abundant pace and instrument changes.
Online dating sites and apps for hooking up on the go are abundant.
Both are abundant throughout the solar system, but they are also volatiles, which can exist only under certain conditions.
Abundant reefs and sparkling blue waters have also made the island a playground for scuba divers and snorkelers.
The island's other main crops, banana and breadfruit, are less abundant or seasonal and outside supplies are far off.
As an outsider, she appreciates the state's beauty and abundant resources.
It increases global warming at the same time that it promises abundant alternative energy.
New shoot growth, now one foot tall in the fenced area, appears abundant and healthy.
But he got greedy and also went after the silver fillings, which are much more abundant.
We think they show up at specific places at specific times of the year when they know marine mammals will be abundant, he says.
Either way, it again implies planets are extremely abundant in the galaxy.
Furthermore, natural gas is abundant and readily available for use in many industries with minimal changes to technology.
We will start to think how abundant life could be in the universe.
We have abundant fossil date demonstrating the fact of human evolution.
These over-abundant periods, however, don't last long.
Abundant release has given way to a slow hoarding of essences.
The oceans, especially the newly formed shallow interior seas, teemed with diverse and abundant life.
Isopod crustaceans include both rare and abundant species.
Energy and other natural resources have become more abundant, not less so.
Finding abundant food and no natural predators, they have never looked back.
Chicks fledge in summer, when food is abundant and the weather relatively mild.
During summer and fall abundant rains can sometimes cloud views of the slopes.
They avoid deep waters, preferring coastlines where sponges are abundant and sandy nesting sites are within reach.
And although the wild population is still considered healthy and abundant, fewer alligator licenses were issued to hunters.
Most any software today gives you abundant options to blur a picture and then paint back detail where you want it.
Much of what is known about them comes from their abundant-and harder-teeth.
The catalyst also is comprised of more affordable and abundant metals than those used in earlier efforts.

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