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Today our animal protein is raised on feedlots and in cages and delivered in great abundance nearly to our door.
However, these mangroves are important to the local fishing industry, particularly for their abundance of crabs.
Even though the temperature change was quite small, its effect on mosquito abundance was quite large.
Hard data is in abundance but closed minds are in super abundance.
Succulent trees, cacti of all sizes and varieties, palms and bromeliads are in abundance.
The lodge has an unusual old-world charm heightened by its tall evergreens and abundance of snow.
The town has an abundance of resturants of major ethnic foods.
Hawks and golden eagles soar over the prairies, swooping down to dine on an abundance of prey, catching even speedy jackrabbits.
Antarctica scientists are studying the role that water currents play in the abundance and distribution of krill.
This biography defines the word "exhaustive" with its abundance of detail.
There is the sense of abundance, of endless possibilities.
The problem of scholarship in our age is one of abundance, not scarcity.
Gil believes that digital resources have the potential to unleash an abundance of creative expression.
It usually exists in considerable abundance, and determines the form and size of the gland.
The pretence of this order was the scarcity of corn and pasture, and the super-abundance of wine.
Despite the abundance of natural wealth, poor fiscal management hobbles the economy.
The abundance of external controls on the camera mean there's no need to dig through menus to get creative.
But with the abundance of self-tracking tools now on offer, everyday changes can become the material of careful study.
Enabled by the miracle of abundance, digital economics has turned traditional economics upside down.
Mussels and clams are in abundance, although some poor families make do with lobster.
The only factor becoming scarce in a world of abundance is human attention.
But a basic rule of communication is that abundance brings scarcity: an abundance of media creates a scarcity of attention.
If that weren't enough, his house was filled with an abundance of prescription pain medications.
It is out of the bounty and abundance of his own nature that he is as amusing in the execution as in the conception of his work.
The cost has to do with both the abundance and demand.
The abundance of food may not be as everlasting as some think.
My skepticism was aroused by the notion of abundance.
But the abundance of respectful citation does not add to validity.
The sheer diversity and abundance of life is astonishing.
Then explain that there are two main reasons for the abundance of life near hydrothermal vents.
The abundance of life was unlike anything he'd ever seen.
Despite their abundance, these creatures have remained largely unnoticed because of their small size.
The natural world persists in abundance, while thousands of our own are dying.
The sudden abundance of cold plasma means a few things.
The abundance and spectacular condition of the fossils have much to do with the peculiar geography of the place.
History provides us with an abundance of these examples.
Richness is how many different types of organisms are found in an area, and evenness is the abundance of each organism.
There has been an abundance of regulations, but few could be said to have been adequately enforced.
Not to mention the abundance of controlled studies that are in direct opposition to your claim.
Steam is always available in abundance where nuclear reactors are concerned.
Wildcats of course are completely asocial, even when an abundance of food is offered.
And yes, you are right about the abundance of evidence supporting climate change.
Economic progress is impeded by an abundance of ambiguous laws, regulations, and enforcement.
Seeps of petroleum happen anywhere petroleum occurs in abundance.
The car is absurdly quiet, handles well and has an abundance of power.
Avoid creative shortcuts at work, and abundance rises.
Stay synchronized and balanced, and abundance is yours.
Despite the abundance of rose petals featured throughout this scathing dark comedy, romantic it is not.
It has an abundance of diamonds and successive governments have husbanded the country's resources.
What is needed is an unexpected abundance of such signals.
What makes liquidity so important is its binary quality: one moment it is there in abundance, the next it is gone.
Not surprisingly, the difficulty of choosing from abundance seems to apply to choice of people, too.
The world's division of labour is determined by the relative abundance of skilled and unskilled workers.
As a result, what physicists have to search for is not merely these readings, but an unexpected abundance of them.
There is, however, an alternative use for the abundance of corn starch now around: fermenting it into ethanol for use as fuel.
It's a kind of misery within the abundance and that's what is really troubling.
In addition, good economics keeps scarcity in mind while bad economics believes in abundance.
Not all to you and none to me because there is more than enough prosperity and abundance in this beautiful world for all of us.
The broad exploitation of coal, oil and other ancient energy stores has given mankind a period of abundance previously unknown.
The natural resources themselves are present in abundance.
It's discussing two different species of cattail and their relative abundance.
And as a by-product, there would be an enormous abundance of electricity.
The sudden abundance of tiger tots has delighted conservationists.
The abundance of olivine in comets is well established, but it's always been a bit of a mystery how it got there.

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