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The play is then rejected as senseless or as directly absurd, and by virtue of reason it becomes impossible.
Its mating dance is so absurd that I could hardly keep from laughing.
And it does seem, looking back, naïve and absurd.
We were ten hours (and six river miles [ten kilometers]) into a mission that was both serious and absurd.
I'm sorry, but that's just absurd-and I mean that in the most of serious manner.
The narrative itself cultivates an appreciation for the absurd.
It's riddled with bugs, problems, limitations and absurd design flaws.
It's not easy to be consistently absurd for an entire book.
Hackles are raised and tempers flare with absurd predictability.
It sounds absurd now, but at the time I was overwhelmed by unwarranted optimism and foolish naiveté.
Indeed, there's a fine thread between alluring and absurd.
He noted the absurd unlikelihood that so many disparate items would end up in the same magical trunk.
Driven by the almighty dollar, and an absurd honor code, football players destroy themselves with multiple concussions.
Someone with a keen sense of the absurd has tossed a hawser around a palm tree, as if to keep the enormous ship from drifting off.
The findings of the study mentioned are not absurd--in fact they are intuitively obvious.
Perhaps you were left under a misapprehension by this summer's absurd national debt-limit debate.
Only one image struck me as absurd: an inefficient stairway shelving system with a bosun's chair that you hoist with a chain.
Airlines are getting more and more absurd in fare prices, extra cost for many things and lousy service.
It seems as absurd as its name and bastardizes the language.
And, yes, the reason can be absurd because the criteria for tenure are totally vague.
There is nothing so absurd as not to have been said by some philosopher.
It would not be uninteresting to point out the causes of the pleasure given by this extravagant and absurd diction.
But there is nothing so absurd as the erudition which in our days identifies and confuses gods of different nations.
The maxim is so perfectly self-evident, that it would be absurd to attempt to prove it.
He is never splendidly absurd, nor free of every purpose.
There is nothing surely absurd in the idea, though it would cost a round sum to realize it.
Still the sentence remains absurd: for the second clause but repeats the first without adding one jot.
With an absurd air of importance he talked aloud, giving instructions, making comments on life.
Trade proposals made by the media usually border on the absurd, downright silly, and some made simply to jar the senses.
What started as an absurd and pathetic dream has morphed into well, it's still an absurd and pathetic dream.
The frame-up theory is so absurd it reflects only the extent of the desperation of the defense.
The spectacle seems absurd in any number of different ways.
The cult of the chief executive has reached absurd proportions.
Many people don't really know what they do, other than pay themselves and their principals absurd amounts of money.
At face value, this presents an absurd series of incentives for taxpayers.
But it's not absurd to think that there could be more than low demand keeping unemployment high.
Their establishment constantly came up with absurd policies in which they all enthusiastically participated.
The absurd sociological pressures of tipping have only gotten worse.
Absurd as it is that it takes moving post office counters into bodegas to hire clerks for less, so be it.
You're really delusional and absurd for thinking that bullying is good.
The challenge would seem absurd-but if you were to change the roses to faces, nearly everyone could meet it.
These delays are totally absurd for the short papers that they publish.
What credibility has this absurd novel when you are changing the text to cover up a previously held racist view.
With these things, you never can tell what's going to happen--something totally absurd may happen.
Maybe you pick absurd claims by ideologists who have latched onto plasma-astronomical concepts, and project them on everyone else.
The project has been an absurd and dangerous example of design-as-you-go, and fit the facts to meet the objectives.
Perhaps this all sounds fantastical, absurd, and more than a little nuts.
Barnett has a great way of mixing understatement with completely absurd situations.
And the footprint is absurd for something that does so little.
It's absurd that each device is still on such poor speaking terms with the others.
The notion that increased volcanic activity can be attributed to global warming is as absurd as manmade climate change.
But it would be as absurd to castigate them for those activities as it is to congratulate them for their monogamy.
Hacking methods develop so fast, and hacking things and ways previously considered impossible or absurd are developed.
Absurd and laughable if not for the fact that a majority of people believe in ghosts.
It seems patently absurd that this is a topic that's worthy of discussion.
The text is the absurd writing of one determined to write all the same, to produce text, to sign whatever texts come his way.
In he pranced, all silent and catlike and absurd, buttocks swaying noiselessly.
So is questioning his sometimes absurd policy proposals.
Propaganda plays a role in any war, but this is an absurd set of statements.
It's a great moment to be watching movies, and this year a ten-best list would be an absurd constraint.
The lengths to which people go to get in are so absurd sometimes that they can be quite touching.
The absurd thing was that he was the one who was continually losing or forgetting things.
It was absurd to think that fixing the banking system could by itself restore the economy to health.
Yet attempts to make him absurd by caricature and contempt are always, somehow, failures.
Threads of plots, no matter how complicated or absurd, were never dropped.
The long-building trend toward coverage of the presidency and politics as pure sport has reached absurd levels.
The statement struck him as absurd: real-estate bubbles never end with soft landings.
Animal suicide may seem absurd, yet the concept is as old as philosophy.
These absurd fictions used to be the stock-in-trade of ninth-graders bent on frightening the younger kids.
The basic flaw in the current system is so absurd that something must be done.
But this explanation is as absurd as the myth itself.
Nothing had been stolen-and it was absurd to suggest that there had been dealings with foreign governments.
These encounters are so pathetic and absurd that they suggest-and turn out to presage-the futility of the entire operation.
To me it seems to be almost as absurd as its corollary, that concepts of beauty remain broadly constant across cultures.
Obviously, this claim would seem outlandish and absurd to commonsense psychology.
Applying this preemption to such companies leads to some absurd results.
It is absurd that a bank thousands of times larger than my community bank should be examined using the same procedures.
Comedy is the middle ground upon which the absurd and the serious meet.

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