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Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult for the economic operators to comprehend the abstruse provisions correctly.
If your initial topic seems abstruse, consider the motivation that led you to it in the first place.
It's often stimulating, but too abstruse for the average reader.
Despite its success, readers confessed to difficulty in grasping its more abstruse concepts.
Though abstruse, these definitions could shape the long-term future of genetic testing.
Many of his sources are obscure and abstruse.
That sentence is not mysterious, abstruse, or resistant to comprehension.
The first one is an abstruse mixture of conspiracy theories.
Edward was the family eccentric, more involved in abstruse ecological and artistic concerns than business matters.
Some university-based research can sound ridiculously abstruse.
He's the rare rapper who has become more obscure and abstruse as his fame has grown.
Maybe you imagine a field that is scholarly, abstruse by nature and untethered to any grounding in real science.
The questions range from relatively simple to moderately abstruse.
The method is conceptually simple, though the technical details are rather abstruse.
Items were six-choice logic items with abstruse content.
And sometimes the output that current software does provide seems to me to be unnecessarily abstruse.
He often took other people's briefs, many times on abstruse issues, and made them snappy and compelling.
The business principles involved in such a proposition are by no means abstruse.

Famous quotes containing the word abstruse

Orthodox Judaism is a thicket of detailed injunctions, Biblical commandments elaborated during centuries of prohibited p... more
I borrowed today out of the Advocate's Library, David Hume's Treatise of Human Nature, but found it so abstrusemore
My mind rebels at stagnation. Give me problems, give me work, give me the most abstruse cryptogram, or the ... more
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