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The level of abstraction of these head-of-state types amazes me.
Abstraction is inductive thought and involves the construction of options.
The abstraction is done on a representative sample of the state.
Dove, an abstraction pioneer, set a particularly encouraging example.
But he says no amount of academic abstraction will blind him to the qualities that make folklore so fascinating.
The abstraction says something about the individual.
His gargantuan effort was no less than a triumph of theory, reason and abstraction.
He chose abstraction when the taste in this country ran strongly toward representational art.
Instead, they'll view a visualized abstraction of what's happening.
The marriage lasted three years, during which time she began to experiment with abstraction.
Now, this implies a certain level of abstraction in my work.
So this abstraction is the same as construction history of string topology.
There he managed to meld abstraction and antiquity, painting and drawing, lament and reverie.
These works served both as general studies in abstraction and preparatory sketches for sculptures.
Most crises result from abstraction of economic phenomena from reality.
Get to know couple of abstraction which were unknown to me.
The web has to stop being a meringue frosting on the top of business, this make-do melange of mashups and abstraction layers.
To a certain extent, all maps rely on some form of abstraction.
He perceived that the universe was not a faraway abstraction but rather something that included our planet and him.
Species, she argues, are largely a human abstraction rather than a law of nature.
What bothers us all is added abstraction of phony emotion, phony caring shellacked on to a business transaction.
Allowing the frame line to sever part of the subject shifts the picture's purpose-it may become an abstraction or a symbol.
What some think to be an abstraction is in fact a reality.
It slips fluidly between abstraction and representation.
The promise of modern painting, so the old story went, was fulfilled with the achievement of complete abstraction.
The total energetically explores artistic process, color and abstraction.
He argued for this kind of chance abstraction as a way to rid art of any subjectivity.
As a figurative painter coming up in an age of abstraction, he had the appeal of the eccentric.
They elude the ordinary reader by their abstraction and delicacy of distinction, but they are far from vague.
The astronomer discovers that geometry, a pure abstraction of the human mind, is the measure of planetary motion.
He had been writing slackly and with intervals of abstraction, since the shots.
Whereas the reading of a tragedy is a fine abstraction.
Pure metaphysical abstraction does not belong to these matters.
Five long lectures full of numbingly dense, abstraction-and-neologism-riddled prose await the reader.
If your tag layers invariably fade to abstraction, then it's probably worth resisting the urge to tag.
The margin of error is a mathematical abstraction, and there are a number of reasons why actual errors in surveys are larger.
Stories have many purposes and these recur cross-culturally at different levels of abstraction.
It is a complex nebulous abstraction, a verbal convenience.
Physical demonstrations trump any other explanation, abstraction skills need to be developed.
Theatrical dance, throughout its history, has swung back and forth between storytelling and abstraction.
But, if you choose to look, don't hypocritically pretend that what you are looking at is an abstraction.
The knowledge that human beings have always performed for one another in the shadow of tragedy seemed a useless abstraction.
Patterns shatter into drifting, pure abstraction while the facial expression still reads at full power.
He is an abstraction who cares more for the anatomy of turtles than for people.
Only then will the public get the lesson--when genetics ceases to be an abstraction and becomes relevant to their lives.
C++ relies on the traditional architecture plus compiler techniques for abstraction.
There is even a trend toward abstraction, particularly in landscapes inspired by the blur of scenery glimpsed from a moving train.
The images are wrested from their social milieu into pure abstraction.
As you get older as an actor, you see there's room for abstraction in your work.
In abstraction the strategy made sense, and it was the obvious choice-indeed, the only potentially productive one remaining.
Perhaps abstraction as such leaves him cold and so he leaves it alone, which is certainly his right as a reader.
We need an account of how a lexicon got off the ground, and cross-modal abstraction is the answer.
When abstraction works well, it hides details that do not need to be tested, so testing becomes easier.
They chose abstraction-an emerging modernist style-as their weapon.
More often than not, they're all conducted at a level of abstraction that is both needless and maddening.
There was an openness, a sense of possibility, heightened by the abstraction of still-absent children.
They made war upon a catch-word, and fought until they were hopelessly ruined for the sake of an abstraction.
Yet these terms have increasingly become a barricade of abstraction that separates us from economic reality.
Driving attention to what's in food rather than the end product is an abstraction.
As for paper money itself, the end of the gold standard meant that cash had become a total abstraction.
It is an intellectual abstraction that illustrates but does not inform.
Those virtual quantum particles are more than a theoretical abstraction.
To surveyors and experimental physicists, though, the straight line of geometry is a mere abstraction.
Many treated them as a mathematical abstraction, rather than physical things.
Randomness itself is something of an abstraction from reality.
The action of the story diffuses away into wisps of abstraction.
To keep the humanity in art, artists had to seek an area where machines cannot go, and that is in abstraction.
But that's not true, any organization of material or data, any systematization requires abstraction to some extent.

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