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Read the abstract of their article below.
Readers may have difficulty deciphering the pictures, which come to resemble little works of abstract geometric art.
The researchers found ways to pose more abstract questions as well.
The ideas of the revolution centred in certain abstract conceptions.
In the abstract, Americans have reservations about electing a president in his 70s.
The more they abstract the less I know the truth.
The publishers ask for an abstract of only 150 words.
I've been working on an abstract with a particular conference in mind.
Adams began asking around, carrying the abstract to several specialists.
Once, a guard mistook a series of abstract paintings as blueprints for an escape attempt and destroyed them.
It feels like an abstract puzzle game, with colorful shapes and jazzy music.
To my delight, a beautiful illustration was embedded below the abstract text.
The payoff for genuine progress was somehow too abstract, too delayed, to feed back into the system in a useful way.
It is not an abstract or condensation of that former work.
But where no abstract idea governs her she can be direct, accurate, and convincing.
The emotions are presented in an extremely simplified, abstract form.
Her m├ętier was brightly coloured pictures with dark angry lines, part abstract, part-figurative.
That's unhelpfully abstract, so let me break it down into three open-ended questions.
Few people will bother to learn a language on abstract or idealistic grounds, she says.
Enough of the abstract measures and disconnected policies of the economists.
Abstract arguments about macroeconomics are unlikely to mollify motorists cross about the cost of filling up their tanks.
The incident illustrated that the possibility of nuclear materials falling into the wrong hands is far from an abstract one.
Although the separation actually weakens the description, it is an important feature of abstract language, the researchers note.
Thank you, this is an informative piece of writing that explains an abstract concept with finesse.
However, some of the suggestions to alleviate the problem strike me as far better in the abstract than in the reality.
Even though both require imagination, abstract ideas and fiction are different and have different goals.
His high-pitched, low-key abstract paintings are pleasurable and occasionally eye-opening.
With the rise of abstract painting, landscapes went out of favor.
The restaurant's decor is made of abstract objects, including a wall of wine, with many selections to accompany entrees.
Petroglyphs are one of the earliest expressions of abstract thinking and are considered a hallmark of humanity.
Some resemble ears of corn, clam shells, and bugs while others are abstract boxes or blobs.
Water scarcity is an abstract concept to many and a stark reality for others.
Pick cities in each type of climate and then look up the weather data in a statistical abstract or almanac.
Teaching your kids about recycling can be difficult, because the concept is often fairly abstract for younger children.
Too abstract and nobody would know what they were looking at.
Two pieces of ocher appear to be marked with abstract lines that could be viewed as artistic expression.
Some photographers are able to use that softness to their advantage, producing ethereal abstract flower pictures, perhaps.
The corollary to that unbreakable rule is that you always send a dissertation abstract, even if the ad doesn't call for one.
Some letters conformed to the etiquette of a peer-reviewed scientific paper, with an abstract and footnotes.
Researchers also found that participants who scored higher on tests of abstract intelligence and verbal ability were funnier.
It's difficult for policy makers and campus leaders to get their heads around abstract concepts of the future.
Ideals are abstract, but the world is concrete, and part of being an adult is facing that.
Because this helps break down an abstract or difficult change into smaller steps that are easier to accomplish.
They get mired in the particulars and cannot make the leap to the abstract ideas the writer is getting at.
In the abstract it was easy to imagine a ticking-bomb situation, and a suspect who clearly warranted rough treatment.
Alas, the pleasures on offer to the live human astronaut may be too abstract to sustain our imaginative largess.
The book separates the images into two groups, abstract and representative symbols.
It's a message that seems obvious only in the abstract, and is frequently forgotten in the particular.
It's great for abstract imagery and creating simple interactive objects.
People often think of public art as being something that's abstract or impenetrable or something that's sort of imposed upon them.
Over the years our bills have not only become harder to counterfeit and but also have come to represent a much more abstract idea.
Westchester was an abstract stroke of green between silver water and the light of river clouds.
Polls have shown support for them and that people trust him more in the abstract to make the right decisions on the economy.
He had some of his special abstract art pinned on the walls of his room and on the ceiling.
It is a natural evolution of abstract thought, necessary for the psychological well being of the human species.
The researchers will present objects such as abstract shapes, cars, and animals on a computer screen.
On the other hand, our hominid ancestors did not live or die based on their performance on abstract logic tests.
At this time we've got only program capable to create abstract art.
The same can be said for perfection as an abstract concept.
Similarly, abstract art may stimulate cells that detect primitive forms that define objects.
The earlier book was remarkably successful in translating the abstruse and abstract ideas of string theory into readable prose.
Though she reads philosophy, all the abstract ideas in her work are lodged in secondary position.
He was not a fanatic devotee of any doctrine-for him, living people were more important than any abstract scheme of ideas.
What is striking about these genre scenes is how fundamentally abstract they are.
He prefers to keep the political contest a face-off between his own abstract legitimacy and a nameless and inscrutable heterodoxy.
In their world, the individual was dissolved in the abstract interest of the collectivity.
The debate may seem abstract, but scientists could.
Perhaps it's unfair to apply free-market standards to something as abstract as education.
Abstract art is all about shapes and sizes you can categorize.
Politics and graduation ceremonies are abstract enough without idealized flies.
Some of the data were scanned as an effort to make historical abstract information available to the public.
Encourage and require high standards of abstract plant development and maintenance.

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