abstemious in a sentence

Example sentences for abstemious

Smokers tend to die younger than do their abstemious peers, by nearly a decade.
His energy and optimism were a tribute, perhaps, to the abstemious life he advocated.
The mix-and-match offerings will satisfy both the abstemious snacker and the diner hungry for a full meal.
It is one of the ways the government hopes to lure tourists from the rest of the generally abstemious region.
She is spendthrift whilst he is abstemious.
He is a consummate horseman and a dead shot with the pistol; a spare eater and abstemious in his habits.
If he had known this would happen, he said, he would have lived a less abstemious life.
Next I thought about adding a rich, decadent element to keep the salad from veering into abstemious territory.
But the candidate is boringly abstemious — and reporters traveling with him find him aloof.
For a man who trafficked in excess, he was surprisingly abstemious.
The well-conditioned thin are made furious by the fatties-the abstemious being singularly disposed to fury.

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When her guests were awash with champagne and with gin, She was recklessly sober, as sharp as a pin. An abstemious... more
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