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Example sentences for abstain

When the class asked the student body to abstain from computers for 24 hours and met to discuss it, the camera crew was there.
It was the visitor's delicacy that made her abstain from interference.
The parent is advised to be honest and answer the child's queries, but should abstain from volunteering any detailed information.
Some simple books abstain from slick photography but work well in the kitchen.
And you might try abstaining from coffee and other stimulants on the day of the interview.
He said he would abstain from dinners out or trips to movie theaters.
If you didn't 't want to participate in the discussion, you were free to abstain.
They would either go in favour or abstain on all substantive votes.
He said he decided to stay for three months because he realized that learning to abstain was only part of the process to recovery.
The decision to construe those sets of numbers as the yes, no, and abstain votes of the faculty rests entirely with the candidate.
Unless some opposition members abstain, the budget may thus not get through.

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