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It was that they were unable to absorb the information at all, even after the initial shock.
No one would ever think that plants could absorb information around them.
Most liquid types can also be sprayed on rose leaves, which absorb some nutrients immediately.
After all, capital markets there are neither deep nor liquid enough to absorb them.
In the end, meditation may help keep your brain focused and help you absorb more information than you otherwise would.
It occurs when the body can't properly absorb the vitamin from the intestinal tract.
Depending on the project, colleges may have to absorb the costs when pledges don't come through as expected.
It would be better, of course, if chlorophyll could absorb light across the whole of the visible spectrum.
South-facing windows and a cement floor absorb and retain solar energy for home heating.
The polymers can also absorb seven times as much heat as the ceramics.
Place them on a paper towel to absorb excess grease.
Absorb the park's immense beauty by spending a night beneath the stars.
Genetically engineering plants to absorb more greenhouse gases.
The leather palm contains a foamlike material to absorb shock.
Still, many presenters say their strategies reflect a need to quickly absorb cuts, sometimes in the middle of the academic year.
And a central bank's ability to absorb losses is not infinite.
Because darker colors absorb more heat than light ones.
Place the finished breads on a paper towel to absorb excess oil.
Soak the crown in water for a day or two to absorb moisture.
Chlorophylls b and c are found in fewer organisms and absorb light in a similar range as chlorophyll a does, but shifted a bit.
Under the legislation, home care would absorb a disproportionate share of the cuts.
They absorb their politics through blogs and social networks, he says.
Consumers are now having to absorb a flurry of punches.
The control rods absorb neutrons before they can reach the uranium.
If the temperature is too low, doughnuts will absorb more oil and taste soggy and oily.
The control rods absorb neutrons to prevent the reaction with uranium that causes fission.
Nor do the students absorb the belief that they really should put that more time into their studies.
They continue to absorb roughly a million tons every hour.
Lichens also absorb polonium directly from the atmosphere.
These tiny granules absorb water that would otherwise drain away.
But even without a circulation slowdown, warm waters will absorb less oxygen, and the effects could be catastrophic.
There are some students who will not absorb these not-so-subtle cues.
When light shines on these bubbles, the electrons inside them absorb energy, forming bigger bubbles.
In contrast, lighter-colored aerosols don't absorb solar energy the way darker particles do.
We hold our breath and try to absorb each moment in the cool early-morning air.
Mathematicians exploring how these surfaces show up in nature stumbled on an explanation for why skin can absorb so much water.
The result: the active materials in the panels absorb more light, and convert more of it into electricity.
Good combination of story and fact in easy sound bytes for the kids to absorb.
Plunk down into a big, soft chair or sofa to absorb the music and the decorations.
Big firms with dedicated legal departments can absorb the costs of regulation more easily than tiny ones.
The organic nitrogen has to be broken down into ammonia or oxidized to nitrate before plants can absorb it.
Maybe you should mix in some actuated charcoal to absorb a tiny bit of the smell.
Readers usually absorb a story, discuss it with their friends, and then forget it.
These have been stuffed into the banking system, which may be reaching the limits of its ability to absorb such infusions.
The stock should be added slowly to let the rice absorb it little by little.
Big orbs absorb smaller ones and grow bigger in the process.
These cells absorb photons in light and transfer their energy to electrons, which form an electrical circuit.
But with little structure to absorb the energy, these accidents can result in serious injury or worse.
It will take several years for the economy fully to absorb the overhang from these imbalances.
Its sodium coolant has a high boiling point-today's reactors use water-and would absorb excess heat.
Unable to absorb all that fluid, they burst, adding more blood to the already toxic mix festering under his skin.
First she soaked the seeds in hot water to make them once again able to absorb liquids.
Specialized cells in the capsules are filled with a cellulose layer that can absorb large amounts of water.
In order to absorb water they cannot always be saturated.
Thayer added a forehead pad and chin rest to his design of the catcher's mask to help absorb the impact of the ball.
So the private sector will have to absorb not only that year's financing programme but the surplus offloaded by the central bank.
It says the colored panels don't need to face the sun and can absorb dispersed light.
But the clean-up cannot absorb all the harm done to the economy.
When snow melts quickly, the ground may not have time to absorb the water.
Drain wings, and then transfer them to a paper towel-lined pan to absorb any extra oil.
Weekly, even daily, it is their chore and the community's to absorb yet another.
Conventional cotton towels seem to push around more water than they absorb.
Many students also never absorb the importance of writing outlines.
Known as fluorescent protein, the molecules absorb light of one color and emit light of a different color.
Sulfur dioxide combines with water vapor to form sulfuric acid particles that scatter, reflect, and absorb sunlight.
The system is leaving it to the universities to decide how to absorb the cuts.
Forests tend to be darker than farms and pastures and therefore tend to absorb more sunlight.
There is something to be said both for social maturity and having had many years to absorb all sorts of life.
Investors, customers, employees and fans have barely begun to absorb the consequences.
The whole system is designed to absorb water quickly and release it slowly.
Milk and dairy products such as yogurt, cheeses, and buttermilk contain a form of calcium that your body can absorb easily.
Fortunately, you will absorb much of the terminology by osmosis.
Natural fibber parts, if mixed with appropriate fluids, could absorb weather-resistant factors.
Most photovoltaics today can only absorb a single, narrow band of light at a time.
Bags that wind up at sea can absorb toxic chemicals, making them even more harmful to the wildlife around them.
Instead she offers characters that absorb and fascinate.
The cover is made of composite layers that absorb radio waves for lightweight stealth.
Let sit for one minute so the oatmeal will absorb the milk.
Fish will not absorb much of the oil in which it is fried if the oil is properly heated.
Some can absorb knowledge, the more tardy must sweat for it.
Never keep bread wrapped in cloth, as the cloth will absorb moisture and transmit an unpleasant taste to bread.
Some of them have been able to absorb projects into their operating budgets.
The ability to absorb knowledge without having to wade through pages of dense, poorly translated theory.
We read and absorb as the age demands, and our devices set the pace.
What company would absorb the colossal expense of having orders.
For one thing, you are so conscientious that you would let it absorb your whole energy.
Sprinkle instant potato flakes in pan to absorb the meat juices and stir well.
Polar bears have fur and skin that allow them to absorb sunlight for warmth.
Another unusual use: coal ash particles have a chemical structure that can easily be manipulated to absorb oil.
The roof was painted white to reflect more light and absorb less heat.
The amount of manure generated by animals in factory farms is too much for the environment to absorb.
Since silicon does not absorb visible light too well, one needs thick, high quality layers that can be expensive.
Newton claims it makes them more efficient than traditional foam or gel soles that simply absorb energy but don't return it.
Absorb it all, and keep the heart pumping on and on to the break of dawn.
It struggled to absorb hundreds of thousands of new immigrants, who were packed into often squalid transit camps.
Maybe she would absorb some of the darkness, which might not be darkness at all but knowledge.
She got good advice that would take her a while to absorb.
They burrow deep into corpses and eat their way out, and can even absorb nutrients through their skin.
They're able to re-absorb vitamins, minerals and hormones otherwise lost during menstruation.
But if you can grab a branch that can absorb the shock, you can skip the fancy acrobatics.
The impact would be marginal and the economy can absorb it.
The lining of the intestines contains areas called villi, which help absorb nutrients.
Often, no treatment is needed because the body will gradually absorb the air itself.
Your body needs it to absorb calcium properly, but it's not the easiest vitamin to get.
To get energy, the large chlorophyll molecules absorb red and blue light from sunlight and reflect green light.
The evaporation that occurs when oceans, particularly near the equator, absorb solar energy is a key step in the water cycle.
Most natural materials absorb some sunlight which gives them their color.
Its design allows it to absorb shock and recycle energy from one step to the next.
The water molecules absorb the ultraviolet rays-and, though those molecules are destroyed, the embryonic planet is shielded.
Because of the relative immaturity of the gut, they may absorb more virus and that wreaks more havoc on the intestines.
The pig can better absorb phosphorus from its food, reducing the phosphorus content of its manure.
The splitter and mirrors will absorb some of the laser beam and thus cannot be cooled down too far.
Stuff lower in the atmosphere tends to absorb more than it blocks.
The guy above mentioned why people eat shellfish because they are filter feeders and do filter out and absorb toxins.
The chemicals are there to diffuse through the shale and absorb the gas.
Cooking vegetables increases the amount of vitamins available for the body to absorb.
He has favorite books, but he flips through them too frantically to actually absorb the text.
The dough needs to dry as much as possible so it then will absorb as much egg as possible.
And students properly guided may fail to absorb what is offered.
Dye-sensitized solar cells use dye molecules to absorb light and generate electrons.
The polymers made so far can only absorb relatively narrow bands of light.
Windows that absorb or reflect light and heat at the flick of a switch could help cut heating and cooling bills.
When cells are added to this mixture, the phage cause them to absorb the magnetic particles.
When the device came within a couple of meters of the station, circuitry would absorb the energy, charging the device's battery.
The polymer building blocks are hydrophilic--they easily absorb water and resist interacting with oil.
The hormone curbs glucose levels by helping the body's cells absorb it as fuel.
Other channels in the reactor carry a coolant--typically water--to absorb the heat from the catalytic reaction.
These batteries can absorb all the energy that is coming from the wheels in normal breaking situations.
On the other hand, the dye cell uses a molecule to absorb light.
The water vapor would then absorb additional photons.
They're well-known for being powerful, that is, able to quickly absorb and release electricity.
They will absorb the costs of the production, installation, and maintenance.
However, the occasional interlocutor will interrupt my litany of must-reads to say they only have time to absorb one.
But it also needs to cook slowly and to absorb smoke.
Those high growth rates needed to guarantee a pliant populace and absorb new waves of labor cannot last forever.
Whether this job growth is fast enough to absorb welfare recipients leaving the rolls is uncertain.
Dark colors absorb energy from the sun while light colors reflect energy from the sun.
Perfect ideal mirrors do not absorb any light, so they do not get hot, and they will not burn through.
Many mirrors and shiny metals do not absorb much until they get hot and darker-looking.
Such coiling allows a feather to absorb water, which streamlines and insulates the owner.
Domestic savings pools have deepened over the past decade to absorb the supply of local debt issues.
Another drawback is that organic materials such as plastic absorb less light from the solar spectrum.
In that case, large and growing trade surpluses are needed to absorb the balance.
By anchoring the currency, governments forced the real economy to absorb shocks.
But that is still not nearly enough to create jobs on the scale needed to absorb the legions of the unemployed.
And it must insist that as a bare minimum the system has enough capital and liquidity to absorb a crisis as bad as the last one.
All policies have drawbacks, and those that help economies to absorb a shock will also tend to make the damaging effects linger.
But some policymakers worry that the financial system is still in no state to absorb even modest shocks.
The government could absorb some or all of this, but at an astronomical and politically unpalatable price.
So long as the labour market can absorb more workers, production per head will increase.
It also has a lower tendency to absorb water from the atmosphere.
When electrons jump between these energy levels, they absorb and emit light of particular frequencies.
The evidence from successful emerging markets is that if they absorb a new technology they usually do so fairly quickly.
Ideally, then there would be a layer of creditors who could absorb losses while the bank remained in business.

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