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Example sentences for absolve

Rulers must not be suffered thus to absolve themselves of their solemn responsibility.
Most people, if given the opportunity, will jump at the chance to absolve themselves of responsibility for their actions.
Being polite doesn't absolve us of the duty to speak the truth.
Whether a citation is upheld or dismissed does not absolve you from responsibility in the accident.
Menaced by ruthless cutthroats, he must risk his freedom to absolve himself.
The law doesn't absolve anyone of other charges like abuse or neglect.
But this fact does not absolve the Court of the duty to use its powers with the greatest care and restraint.
So far, contracts absolve the provider of any responsibility if things go wrong.
The causes cannot absolve him from solutions.
The fact that you don't know how to formulate a valid study doesn't absolve you from that responsibility.
The availability of the high-speed computer does not, of course, absolve us from the need for both basic and applied research.
It wouldn't absolve the student of all responsibility, but I'd have to take it into account.
Admitting you are a bigot does not absolve you from blame.
Judge Sweet didn't absolve fast-food customers of the need for self-restraint.
All of which shows that quitting meat does not absolve anyone's diet of a connection to global warming.
To absolve him completely is to challenge his own belief that government can make a difference.
Failure to give such notice shall absolve the state from any and all liability which it may have with regard to such funds.
The statutes absolve the owners from liability if their activities are used for recreational purposes.
However, the charterer's liability does not fully absolve the owner of a vessel from liability.
Use of disclaimers that purport to place the sole burden on the buyer cannot absolve the manufacturer or retailer of liability.
These tools do not absolve responsible parties of their existing liability for pollution.

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