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One explanation that can be excluded, however, is a sincere offer by the generals to cede absolute control.
But that perfect state had lacked one thing even for mechanical perfection-absolute permanency.
The absolute lack of control that the state has over the prisons.
What he had not anticipated was the disaster, complete and absolute, that had now befallen him.
They represent an absolute value judgment, made with all the paper's vast authority behind it, about restaurants' relative merits.
So his triumph at the polls was mixed and his authority is not absolute.
But the notions of absolute mastery and control no longer hold.
We recruit absolute newbies every week.
Freedom is an absolute.
It was no longer considered smart or productive to train by always pushing the body to it's absolute limit.
For decades, the phenomenon was thought to occur only near absolute zero.
There are no absolute individual rights in our Constitution.
In absolute terms, it is only a 30 percent reduction.
If p is the least integer for which this is true, then p is the minimal absolute index.
Royce was the pre-eminent American representative of absolute idealism.
We climbed in the absolute darkest dark of the equatorial night.
Physicists in Massachusetts come to grips with the lowest possible temperature: absolute zero .
You and your reporting are an absolute joke.
It's as if one has gone back in time to a two lane road and an absolute serene landscape.
The agitated zebras gallop back and forth in short, panicky dashes, then skitter off into the absolute darkness.
When you're this remote, there's nobody watching out for you, and you have to take absolute responsibility for yourself.
She had absolute power and no real way to understand how to use it to fight for her rule or country.
Of course no film can take place in the absolute present because the medium is by necessity recorded.
Right now, the absolute sales figures for e-books look small, but the rate of growth is tremendous.
Defining the question in absolute terms does little other than identify the questioner as a sloppy thinker.
While the absolute number of students opting to study abroad continues to go up, their destination choices are shifting.
It is impossible to draw up absolute criteria that would tip an essay one way or the other in marginal cases.
But the seriousness of the challenge has required that the process move ahead before there has been absolute unanimity.
If they do the absolute minimum amount of writing, this will be twenty pages.
There may be some truth to that statement, but that is not an absolute.
Your advisor basically has absolute power over your future.
For a start, it is important not to confuse absolute and comparative advantage.
Hundreds of millions of people have been dragged out of absolute poverty.
If you preach absolute moral values, you will be held to absolute moral standards.
But even in absolute terms, there is cause for worry.
As things stand, the absolute number of people of working age in the developed world is set to fall.
The measure of the water vapor content in the air is known as absolute humidity.
Absolute needs stored in your carry-on luggage include prescription medications and any medical supplies that you use daily.
If you're going on the road again, this may be the absolute best way to get there.
Absolute humidity is a measurement of the total amount of water vapor in the air at a given temperature.
But the relationship between absolute pitch and language cannot be the whole story.
The king is an absolute monarch with supreme executive, legislative, and judicial powers.
Or, if you can't get yourself down to one carry-on, keep your total number of bags to an absolute minimum.
But if the speed of light is identical for all observers, something else has to give: absolute time and space.
Cool a gas of rubidium atoms to one-hundred-millionth of a degree above absolute zero or less and something strange happens.
Absolute hogwash, but an interesting discussion nonetheless.
The first substances found to facilitate resistance-free electron flow did so only at temperatures hovering around absolute zero.
Anyway, poverty and starvation are due to the inequality between people, not to the absolute food availability.
Anyone who made any claim based on their experience that expressed any absolute, per your statement above, would then be a bigot.
Belief is the final commitment of our innermost feelings to absolute truth.
Financial mathematics has nothing to say about absolute valuations, only relative valuations.
Because absolute certainty is rarely an option, regulatory programs would not be effective if such proof were required.
Also the sample size of the study was too small to give any absolute conclusion.
It refers to absolute zero, which would be the same point in on any such scale.
Honesty is not so much a credit as an absolute prerequisite to efficient service to the public.
In artistic construction it does not come short of absolute perfection.
They react against relativism by clinging more fiercely to an absolute view of the world.
But projections about the wonders of tax cuts are almost always sold as absolute.
Yes, individual cultures do vary in absolute terms, but the diffusion of responsibility is always there.
Accordingly, mixture of populations should be kept to the absolute minimum necessary.
If only guilt and innocence were so clear and simple and absolute, instead of merely relative.
Virtue's link to success is partial and probabilistic, never an absolute guarantee.
It's a moment of absolute calm and eerie mental acuity.
The city was an example of what happens when absolute political power, money, and mental illness are combined.
Part of what makes the whole thing so funny is the absolute ease with which anyone, for any reason, can get a prescription.
Music is too personal a medium to support an absolute hierarchy of values.
He is an absolute modernist in one sense and an indifferent one in another.
On crossing the threshold, the writer felt an absolute certainty that this was the place for him.
When he became champion, his renunciation of poverty was absolute.
The realization of an absolute change from yesterday was never continuous.
The problem boils down to determining the inherent brightness of a star, a property called its absolute magnitude.
But the unobtainable-and unnecessary-criterion of absolute security dominates the public discussion.
They start by considering the way in which heat jiggles charge carriers in any system above absolute zero.
It's not a luxury to make it grow faster, it's an absolute necessity.
If what you say was true, then they'd be able to bring any substance to almost absolute zero with the film.
For example, the isotopes of fluid helium are mixing spontaneously even at the absolute zero temperature.
Ground compensation detectors look for a differential signal instead of an absolute one.
Then, absolute deviations from the line of best fit as a function of fertility.
The bomb calorimeter provides us with an absolute upper bound on calories from protein, fat, and sugars.
Because there's nothing slower than stopped, this is the lowest possible temperature-absolute zero.
The scope's main mirror must hold its shape even down to temperatures near absolute zero.
At absolute zero, matter radiates no energy at all, not even radio waves.
But to the left of that they have a swooping curve that seems to indicate growth in the absolute number of cancer cells.
The temperature of the condensate is a few billionths of a degree above absolute zero.
So it's an absolute lie that has killed thousands of kids.
Doing this, however, requires ultra-low temperatures near absolute zero.
She did it within a cloud of sodium atoms cooled to a few billionths of a degree above absolute zero.
And because they need that absolute certainty, they take the answer that gives them what they want.
My absolute lack of knowledge about a car's inner workings makes me easy prey for unscrupulous auto mechanics.
For absolute security against frost damage, use the dates given.
It's the absolute best time for a hike or bike ride.
However, in order to place absolute dates on the relative time scale, other dating methods must be considered.
It was an absolute reaction to wanting to be anonymous and silent.
Thanks to steel-reinforced walls and double-glazed windows, the silence inside is absolute.
He was in howling agony-much to the annoyance of all the other clientele, who demand absolute discretion.
But these guys went to the absolute extreme with it.
They have gone from enduring several firefights a day to week-long stretches of absolute quiet.
From the beginning of time, in all forms of society, humanity has re-posed its faith in the absolute necessity of conservatism.
But it meant that he had to have absolute confidence in himself.
Ronnie was an absolute prisoner in her own mansion, surrounded by staff.
There is no doubt that government intervention is an absolute necessity when markets go horribly awry.
Anorexia demands absolute, single-minded dedication.
So much for the absolute incorrectness and variance from the truth of those five points.
It is an absolute perfection and virtually divine to know how to enjoy our being rightfully.
Again this is in line with an eclectic renunciation of any absolute version of events.

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