abruptness in a sentence

Example sentences for abruptness

The hallmark would be the scale and abruptness of change in any given ecosystem.
After these areas of his body, however, the difficulty increased with the abruptness of a coastal shelf.
The abruptness of this departure was never equalled in other cars of the period.
Their dialogue-what there is of it-is usually in monotones, and there is a monotony in the abruptness of the cutting.
The abruptness of the continuity suggests that the film was originally much longer than its present two hours.
He is a slow-moving, slow-thinking creature in a world defined by speed and abruptness.
Shows insensitivity and abruptness toward customers.
The second loss mechanism is the abruptness in flashing of liquid to vapor.
First is the timing and abruptness of the discharge, two working days or less after the workers engaged in protected activities.
Abruptness and asymmetry of seasonal fluctuations could depend on climate and other factors.
The abruptness of these facies and thickness changes is strongly indicative of vertical movements on fault-bounded blocks.
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