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Example sentences for abruptly

Ten minutes later, the rain stops as abruptly as it began.
Then, abruptly, the spotlight dimmed.
And with the introduction of imminent tragedy, the plot abruptly crashes.
Sometimes slowly and imperceptibly, sometimes abruptly and spectacularly.
Press hard enough, and the light abruptly turns on.
Change would undoubtedly have come, but not so abruptly.
Only a minority of borrowers abruptly ceased to make payments, as someone choosing to default would.
The artists abruptly disbanded before police and fire officials arrived.
Poems start in mid-sentence and end just as abruptly.
Power outages often abruptly interrupt his voice chats with overseas friends.
The barrio ends abruptly after a few blocks at open pasture.
The book then abruptly ends with no concluding section tying the lessons of the book together.
The boss abruptly and without any warning cut the program and left me unemployed.
My course evaluations dropped abruptly with this change, and are now well below the university average.
The inhabitants apparently left abruptly, without carrying away valuable goods such as pottery or baskets.
She was so disillusioned, in fact, that she abruptly dropped out of college-and never went back.
Abruptly, the craft began to motor around the pool on its own, with lights blinking.
Abruptly he charges out the door and half-walks, half-runs down the hallways until he is outside.
My vehicle comes to a hasty halt as a disabled car emerges abruptly from the murk dead ahead.
There seems to be no way of escaping the conclusion that global climate flips occur frequently and abruptly.
Bruised and bleeding, they were abruptly released later that evening.
The landscape abruptly changes to well-ordered development.
And then, abruptly, everybody was talking about national health insurance again.
He will abruptly leave a meeting, shut himself off in a side room, and return refreshed a half hour later.
When he dropped the last piece back onto the table he turned abruptly and kissed me, full on the mouth.
He ignored my follow-up questions and then abruptly ended the conversation.
The crew worked the helm and throttles actively, sometimes slowing abruptly to keep the bow from battering the heaviest waves.
When the conductivity changes abruptly, the wires signal the fault and a controller can automatically shut down the laser.
So began her two-month ride as a serious candidate, a journey that abruptly ended last night.
These brakes are designed to stop the car quickly, but not so abruptly as to cause injury.
It shifted abruptly and flowed in that direction for about a thousand years.
The attacks abruptly ended the pattern of my previous wanderings.
She not only preached, she healed, having herself experienced a broken ankle and torn ligaments abruptly repaired by prayer.
The forests abruptly ended-the country below being too dry in summer to sustain tall trees.
The number ended abruptly, and a white screen came down, concealing the musicians.
The wailing continued for ten more minutes, and then stopped abruptly.
But the moment he turns the corner the scene changes abruptly.
From the edges of the valley the land rises abruptly in steep high buttes whose crests are sharp and jagged.
Indeed this prehistoric stage of education ended rather abruptly with his tenth year.
He sets off at a near run across the briny floor until the gleam of a thousand tiny, luminous eyes pulls him up abruptly.
Hubert took several shallow breaths and abruptly excused himself.
Waterfalls occur when flowing river water drops abruptly and vertically.
Multihued summits-whittled by ancient glaciers into walls and horns-rise abruptly from gently rolling plains.
Spotted deer glide through the filtered shade, stopping abruptly when a troop of macaques shriek an alarm call.
The shadows lengthened, the stars popped into place, and the air chilled abruptly.
At a point in this bubble called the termination shock, the solar winds abruptly slow are affected by interstellar winds.
The weathered wooden ferryboat bumps abruptly against the dock.
It slips in easily at first, then stops abruptly about three feet in.
The patient was becoming ill and then abruptly getting better.
So when the cabin abruptly depressurized, all of the astronauts had their visors up, and several had their gloves off.
Instead, they will abruptly wink out of existence when temperatures reach tipping points.
When a chronic drinker abruptly stops drinking, the balance is thrown off.
Left unchecked, they can cause a structural member to fail abruptly, sometimes with catastrophic results.
Somehow the harbor had drained as abruptly as if someone had pulled a giant plug.
After five months and little agreement, the editors abruptly ended the debate.
For instance, an experiment may call for a driver to react to a bus pulling abruptly into his lane.
As abruptly as they appeared, they wheel and vanish again into the fog.
The possibility looms large that civilizations left this planet abruptly for reasons unknown.
It is in this shock wave that temperature increases abruptly.
After a couple of months of practice, pups abruptly leave their rookery.
Befitting an incredibly popular series, the books are packed with chapter after chapter that abruptly end in cliffhangers.
For some reason, the starboard ballast tanks have failed to refill properly, and the ship has abruptly lost its balance.
But when the mortgage boom ended abruptly and home values started falling across the country, correlations soared.
Hours after returning to the hospital, his condition deteriorated abruptly.
Then, the day after default was averted, five abruptly bought houses.
Then the world financial crisis abruptly halted the country's economic boom, even as inflation eroded workers' purchasing power.
Their share prices would tumble if the country's construction and capital-expenditure boom abruptly ended.
Many householders have onerous debts, and would cut spending abruptly should prices plunge.
But city-founding has now abruptly gone out of fashion and into reverse.
But it was not marching protesters or striking train drivers who shifted the atmosphere so abruptly this week.
In addition, rich economies look set to slow down-perhaps uncomfortably abruptly.
In the face of falling polls and rising opposition, however, he abruptly dropped it.
Households cut their spending abruptly at the end of last year.
The internationalists have long feared that a recession might lie ahead should foreigners abruptly abandon the dollar.
They begin and end more abruptly, and their rain may fall more heavily.
Every time one story abruptly ended, another instantly started-on a loop.
Moments later the music stops as abruptly as it began, and the hellish vision vanishes.
He then abruptly ended the press encounter, and left the room.
Rarely has a theory been quashed by reality more abruptly.
When this is no longer the case the situation changes abruptly.
It's disconcerting to watch a film end so abruptly, especially for audiences who have been programmed for happy movie endings.
Early the next morning, the press conference was abruptly canceled.
The weather turns abruptly cool, and you find yourself rummaging through your closet in search of a favorite sweater.
But the clapping abruptly stops as some bright red banners come into view.
The dead lie abruptly motionless wherever the latest outrage has deposited them.
Subsurface conditions can vary abruptly and borings are required to address the hazard at a given location.

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