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My method for learning student names is abrupt and possibly rude but pretty successful.
His abrupt manner in answering correspondence might leave the impression of high-handedness or lack of concern.
The sun is out there, over the ocean, until it goes down suddenly and abrupt night sets in.
Gradual steps should be taken to avert an abrupt crisis.
This abrupt event shows how a relatively small occurrence—such as a slight slide in rainfall—may have a tremendous impact.
It draws an abrupt line between urban and rural.
For such an abrupt encounter, she looked incredibly relaxed and docile.
The abrupt announcement was made late Wednesday.
After all, most scientific change isn't abrupt and dramatic; revolutions are rare.
He made an abrupt sweeping motion with his hand.
Anything shorter than that is too abrupt.
When Chester's uncle returned, all play came to an abrupt end.
That left them very vulnerable to any abrupt change in sentiment.
He was abrupt and gruff, but also generous and sophisticated.
It is a strange and abrupt reversal of corporate values.
Because they're pressed for time, they can seem abrupt and dismissive at times, which can be frustrating for students.
They went rattling down a kind of roaring chimney as rapidly as a lift cut loose, and they came with an abrupt bump to the bottom.
His style is marked by a constant recurrence of short and somewhat abrupt sentences.
He didn't tell many people what he was planning to do, so when he did announce it, it seemed abrupt.
And one must try to do that, one must try to keep the poem seeming sudden and abrupt even though it has been slowly contrived.
Nonetheless, the abrupt and permanent loss of some abilities can be devastating.
Labor mobility is determined by talent drafts, ironclad contracts, and abrupt trades.
Countries whose economies developed later were more likely to undergo abrupt transformations.
The convoy had barely steamed into the station of that city when this amazing game of hare and hounds came to an abrupt end.
He was bothered by this scar, the abrupt loss of a great friendship.
By now it is common knowledge that the impact of an asteroid or comet brought the age of the dinosaurs to an abrupt end.
Seeing no oncoming cars, he quickly stuck out his arm as a signal and made an abrupt left onto the cross street.
But those tweaks can come with compromises: jerky motions and abrupt shifts in low-speed driving.
Before the camera could prove itself, though, the mission came to an abrupt end.
The killer would have been the abrupt climate change.
We filled our tank, headed off again-and came to an abrupt dead end at the ocean.
Ice-nine was a satirical invention, but an abrupt, disastrous phase transition is a possibility.
But an abrupt break would be catastrophic for our economy and quality of life, not to mention national security.
From unapproachable, brash and abrupt to savvy, chic and courteous.
What happened next seems to live on in his fiction's patterns of abrupt cessation.
The jump to speech was therefore mediated, not abrupt.
Cantor's abrupt exit was generally interpreted as an act intended to keep his fingerprints off any revenue increases.
The estimates also include adjustments for the risk of low-probability, high-consequence events such as abrupt climate change.
But such a big and abrupt increase in the petrol price prompted panic and anger.
Yet recessions stem from abrupt changes in the behaviour of firms and consumers.
But the period of rising prosperity is coming to an abrupt end.
The company has appealed against the abrupt cancellation of its licence.
For those who advise on deals, however, the bigger concern is what might bring the party to an abrupt end.
She is given to abrupt changes of direction, suggesting a readiness to abandon principle for political gain.
Televised sport, with its abrupt cuts from wide to tight shots, is a different visual experience again.
These abrupt changes are intimately linked to switches in ocean circulation, experts say.
But scientists have been unsure what triggered the abrupt change.
Common grackles show a clear, abrupt division between the gloss color of the head and body.
They can fly and launch themselves airborne with an abrupt, noisy takeoff, but typically run from trouble.
The robot's moniker came from its tendency to shake when the machine came to an abrupt stop.
But it's also a landscape of abrupt and surprising boundaries.
Then again, once you are safely in the hall the journey to higher spheres becomes more awesomely abrupt.
Shucking a scallop can be jarring aesthetically, since there are abrupt changes between beautiful and ugly.
The movie is all whoosh and whack and abrupt closeups, which serve as jerky digital punctuation.
The people liked the sonata, and they might have raised even more of a rum- pus over it if it hadn't had such an abrupt ending.
The songs were misshapen pop tunes, full of shifting time signatures and odd metres and abrupt key changes.
There is an abrupt harmonic shift that has the effect of sun breaking through clouds.
Which makes its abrupt departure, announced late last month, all the more mysterious.
No explanation was given for the abrupt change of direction.
There was no mistaking the abrupt flash of panic and insecurity that came into the eyes.
You'll hear and read about daring deeds of prowess and abrupt twists of fate.
Twilight is the best time to venture up this abrupt peak.
It was a strange event, at once inevitable and shockingly abrupt.
And it's endlessly frustrating watching a putt glide toward the hole before making an abrupt left turn, to certain triple bogey.
Fate is a playwright who writes final acts that are often horribly abrupt.

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