abrogate in a sentence

Example sentences for abrogate

Express reservation of this option could make termination easier, but it makes it easier for all parties to abrogate.
Free parking placards abrogate the intent of these laws.
This is a step in the battle to abrogate or bring a reduction in the juke box license fees which now amount to a total of $160.
To overturn that law, they say, would abrogate the rights of all Californians.
Taking a tenure earning position at one institution allows us to abrogate your tenure under our system.
It asks that a 1956 law and city ordinance imposing the licenses and fees be abrogated.
There is a competitive advantage to abrogate onerous contracts.
I'm also looking forward to intensifying efforts from the right to abrogate the full faith and credit clause.
The government in Colombo is said now to be planning a referendum on whether to maintain the ceasefire or to abrogate it formally.
To not introduce the vast panorama of technology and media into the schools is to abrogate the very essence of education.
Executions also abrogate the possibility of redemption.
She isn't likely to believe he would lightly or arbitrarily abrogate that order.
They willfully abrogate their freedom by not publishing important information today.
To start with, gun controls as in your city abrogate human rights and elevate criminals above the law-abiding.
We must not abrogate our responsibilities to each other in that manner.
These ideas could only spring from an agenda designed to abrogate that right by gutting existing environmental protections.
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