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News from abroad unquestionably played a big part in the strong undertone to the foreign exchange market of yesterday.
Movers from abroad: people coming into a nation from another country or part of the world.
The country regards itself as an export powerhouse whose goods are prized abroad.
We had about thirty staff foreign correspondents in about twenty bureaus and additional contract writers abroad.
One reason is that top companies make four-fifths of their profits abroad.
Combine studying and travel with a semester or year abroad.
They are corrupting law enforcement here and abroad and paying off politicians so that they can stay in business.
Here are a few items to think about if you're traveling abroad in the near future.
The proposed policy would not ban the use of all private-sector recruiters abroad.
Since that reemergence, she has regularly toured abroad.
Engineers were sent to seek solutions abroad and came back with the idea of processing the landfill gas into clean energy.
Contact information for agencies to consult for medical emergencies abroad.
We import virtually all our raw materials for those technologies from abroad.
Income from citizens now working abroad augments the economy.
And this revelation, in turn, has recast the spotlight on missing legislation at home and abroad.
So when you need a stem cell therapy in the future, plan to make a trip abroad.
Nomura seems to be struggling but the industry's re-expansion abroad will continue.
The program seems to be a for-profit study-and-travel abroad program.
The group may publish online guides to behaving well abroad.
Your career services office or sometimes the study abroad office at your campus may have other helpful resources.
It would not have blocked colleges from using other types of private-sector recruitment abroad.
Fairies, demons, and other creatures were also said to be abroad.
Meanwhile, plunging demand for pelts at home and abroad has reduced the number of trappers in the field.
Many of these job-seekers married and started families while abroad.
So they competed to lure factories from abroad with tax breaks and land deals.
Authorities are putting the clamps on stem cells treatments abroad, too.
Thankfully, developing good energy policy at home can help relieve immigration pressures from abroad.
Pinon and the rest of the group called for the immediate introduction of heat-treated products, imported from abroad if necessary.
For those who can't afford to go abroad soon we'll be able to get access to our information in our homes.
Net migration: the difference between net internal migration and movers from abroad.
But that doesn't seem to have slowed its popularity abroad.
Such items are not permitted to be taken abroad without an export license from the antiquities agency.
Elsewhere administrators might not see the value of allowing a scholar to work abroad for a year.
Such opportunities send undergraduate and graduate students abroad to work with local nonprofits and other community partners.
Alternate rimes and the couplet were unknown to sonnets abroad.
Looking after his patrolmen was not the only errand that took him abroad at night.
Scientists have found a link between creativity and living abroad.
Jobs fairs for those who have studied abroad are suddenly popular.
For example, a company may simply decide to move its local customer services operation to one of its own subsidiaries abroad.
Whether students cannot find what they want at home or prefer what they see abroad, they are becoming more mobile.
The stronger yen and high corporate taxes are also encouraging manufacturers to shift production abroad.
Migrants who go abroad may spend more time studying, pick up more skills and experience and then bring them all home again.
Another, in a similar spirit, is to auction the right to borrow abroad.
As people holiday or study abroad, or migrate to live and work, the visitors meet and marry locals.
Local sensitivities are routinely ignored at home, and so abroad.
Most of the pressure for change, therefore, has come from abroad.
While travel can be exciting, getting sick abroad can be a frightening experience.
Less people have jobs to make the fewer goods bought sold distributed and produced both here and abroad.
None of my friends from school or university had ever been abroad.
The state soon found it necessary to exile this untamable creature abroad.
The distinctive thing about this trend is that the companies involved aren't simply making stuff abroad and then shipping it here.
Nationalism is inherently isolationist-they don't want to spend resources abroad unless it's investment.
The disarray in our economic policies at home has parallels in our economic policies abroad.
The obligation of holy war therefore begins at home and continues abroad, against the same infidel enemy.
Open criticism strengthens us both at home and abroad.
Greenlanders are permitted by their government to sell the meat locally but not abroad.
No longer do you have to travel abroad to spend a lazy afternoon at a beer garden.
It has me thinking about distance, and being abroad, and how that distance is disappearing in many ways.
Abroad, the government has pursued a doctrine of preemptive war.
They can go abroad, to countries where the authorities sanction or ignore payments to living donors.
All of our troops stationed abroad quickly run out of electricity or fuel.
There is much to learn from this account for our current efforts to cope with clandestine nuclear weapons developments abroad.
Technological advances that can be as easily implemented abroad often result in exporting jobs.
They could have slipped away abroad, as some others did to escape capture.
Those who oppose the government still draw on funding, support, and shelter from abroad.
He is a janitor at home and a master of ceremonies abroad.
Traveling abroad doesn't have to be confusing if you know the right things before you go.
When you travel abroad, the odds are you will have a safe and incident-free trip.
Sometimes going abroad may in fact amplify a condition.
While the list was original created for diplomats living abroad, it contains valuable information for all citizens abroad.
If your health insurance policy does not cover you abroad, it is a good idea to consider purchasing a short-term policy that does.

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