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Example sentences for abreast

Keep abreast of trends in library services and disseminate that information.
We paced the great turquoise shape, keeping abreast of the flukes as the whale coursed along underwater to starboard.
If you frequently use a web browser, this makes a quick, easy way to stay abreast of the news.
Bad hair is a result of ignorance, of a refusal to keep abreast of the great.
Keep abreast of new technologies being used to enhance student engagement in online courses b.
To keep each other abreast of the project, they kept a simple internal diary.
There are also tools you can use to stay abreast of activities on the wiki.
They were scholarly publications meant to help doctors keep abreast of scientific advances and share information on new remedies.
There, it will keep you abreast of when the book will be available, and how to obtain a copy.
It is difficult to keep chronology and criticism abreast of each other with some sense of momentum and direction.
Storm worm is constantly updated to stay abreast of security measures directed against it.
Its a good correlation as it suggests that these people are only interested to be abreast of the happenings around them.
It encourages students to write and to keep abreast of current affairs.
It can make constant progress when it keeps abreast of all the facts.
He could work quietly on his own without trying to keep abreast of current developments elsewhere.
However, many organizations don't keep abreast of these improvements.
Keep abreast of the latest tax-related news that could affect your business.
Supports new systems or new facets of existing systems, and keeps abreast of technology changes.
They must have been able to walk three or four abreast down that straight and oh-so-narrow path.
Riding a bicycle abreast of another bicycle on our narrow roads is dangerous and is also prohibited.
The purpose of the series is to keep healthcare professionals abreast of the latest information in asthma care and education.

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