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Example sentences for abrasive

Limestone is used in many toothpastes as an abrasive.
To "hone" is to use an abrasive to sharpen a knife.
Clarke is known for his aggressive -- sometimes abrasive -- personality and for his willingness to bypass bureaucratic channels.
He could also come across as abrasive and self-important.
On top of that, heavy snowfall made the sea ice soft and its surface abrasive.
She was loud, abrasive, monomaniacal and exciting to watch.
Steel wool with a dash of abrasive should remove remaining patches of dirt.
The baking soda & vinegar stir up the guck, the salt is an abrasive for a little cleaning.
To my ears, it's noisy and loud and abrasive.
Do not use anything abrasive like a nail file.
The interview is a bit arrogant and abrasive, but other than that he is right.
His abrasive personality caused many mincing middle managers to call him a bully.
There are better ways-less abrasive, less arrogant, less unilateral-to reach the administration's foreign-policy goals.
He survived his life almost uninjured, pesky and abrasive, full of advice about ways of fishing that were no longer allowed.
Hopes that she would be more moderate than her abrasive husband were quickly dashed.
Many lack jobs and prospects in expensive and abrasive towns and cities.
Also, a veil of arrogantly absurd and unnecessarily abrasive political communication is woven around their actions, a big mistake.
These engines can be equipped with filters on the air intakes, to protect the engines from the abrasive action of ash.
The other giveaway of their abrasive choice of food is the orcas' dental wear and tear.
Avoid highly abrasive toothpastes, especially if your gums have receded.
They rap over a variety of tracks, mostly made by producers outside the group, and the music is rarely difficult or abrasive.
He's been decried as arrogant, defensive and abrasive.
Her charm was more often perceived as abrasive, her diplomacy tone-deaf.
It's brave, bold and so abrasive that you almost want to give up.
She was increasingly abrasive and explosive, and alienated many people.
Here it's used as a gentle abrasive to scrub food and plaque stains from the teeth.
On the other hand, he seems to have screwed up, possibly because of egotism and having an abrasive personality.
She's back to being loud and abrasive and another office grunt.
Abrasive wheels have countless applications such as manufacturing, maintenance, emergency response and construction.
Overview of air permitting requirements and options for new abrasive blast cleaning operations.
Wet abrasive blast cleaning is a modification of traditional open abrasive blast cleaning.
Abrasive material for blast cleaning shall be recyclable steel grit.
Two repeat safety violations involve hazards related to abrasive wheel machinery used at the base.

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