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And a considerable amount of public money will be invested in making all of the above happen.
Cool a gas of rubidium atoms to one-hundred-millionth of a degree above absolute zero or less and something strange happens.
If the epicentre is on the seabed, that also lifts the water above the bed, creating a wave.
Each of the three fast-moving storms shown above was photographed at two-minute intervals by the space probe.
Create your account and then follow the instructions above.
Signals from above the telescope can be identified and ignored.
Paper airplane contest awards the flimsy fliers that are a cut above the rest.
They talked above the crack of distant rifle and machine-gun fire.
H eat loving shrubs have nectar-filled tubular flowers with two lobes above the mouth, three on the lower lip.
We've gathered here some of the best cloud formations to see from above.
In every state legislature, the rate of college completion is far above the average for both the state and the nation.
Above this depth, sufficient light exists to make it difficult for animals to conceal themselves.
More elusive forms, dubbed sprites and blue jets, flit above the clouds.
Skylights help reduce overall lighting costs by bringing natural daylight from above into the home.
But above all the upsurge in inflation has proved far more extreme than was once projected.
The review above does not show the complete numerical system.
But what can be seen above ground is the archaeological equivalent of shock and awe.
Not all sporting activities can rise above today's troubles.
Seeing the magazine damaged by torpedo fire, he went above decks to help the wounded to safety.
Take a good look at the four fashionable, geek-friendly items above.
Indeed it is stories, past and present, that bind together the thousands of objects displayed on the floors above.
The above plant is a sweet little creature, yet may not seem particularly noteworthy.
Three stories above ground, it has the city's largest concentration of native vegetation.
Above all, however, an adequate biography of a thinker must address the nature of his intellectual achievement.
Above them is poised a serrated granite outcrop, solitary and still.
The relation holds true for rich countries and poor, as seen above in each rising line.
Align and add outer foot using two screws as shown above.
He sat on a platform two feet above the showroom floor.
The helicopter hovered above the surface for a moment, then crashed into the water and began to sink.
Because hillsides are never as cold in winter as the hilltops above them or the ground below them, they're called thermal belts.
One way of doing this is by precisely measuring the shape of the ground above a volcano.
In years in which this phenomenon is strong during the winter, more cold air is trapped above the pole.
Several characteristics lift his novel above the average.
Geysers may occasionally erupt, shooting plumes of gas and ice many kilometers above the surface.
Bloodstains on the flies buzzing around the severed heads in the painting noted above are an example.
White cyclamen appear to flutter above silvery dusty-miller foliage and eucalyptus pods.
The directive as drafted would not in itself have prevented any of the egregious behaviour outlined above.
The absurdity of dangling from a single rope far above the ferns below was put into perspective quickly.
Flat-topped clusters of inconsequential flowers rise above the leaves in summer.
Spruce and hemlock form a dense green canopy above us.
The gazebo pictured above and at right was shot from two different angles, but you get the idea.
If it was snow above nothing and the snow broke, it would have been difficult for me to increase the power and get away.
Click on the the sun icons above to change your answers.
Have students watch the video again, this time reflecting on the seven characteristics of ritual described above.
Students should compile their research into reports that address the above questions.
In the mountains above the town, the forests are turning the colour of autumn.
Only once in the post-war period did the jobless rate rise above that level.
Above all, it shows how the photographer projected her inner torment and sense of estrangement onto her unsuspecting sitters.
In particular, sudden changes in its height made the job of flying safely above it a tricky one.
But the misery stretches well beyond the recession, as our charts above make clear.
They can also-if they are flexible enough-help us avoid the faculty stereotypes noted above.
Depending upon your field, it may be difficult to start anywhere above the bottom of the scale if you are newly minted.
We are the magic people who walk an inch above the ground and leave rainbow stardust in our wakes.
In addition to the above mentioned perks, reviewing textbook chapters is a good apprenticeship for writing books yourself.
There are cabins for two, above, and also more expensive villas that can house several people.
His tunes may be simple and his upbeat lyrics barely a step above greeting card homilies.
Above the bar were chandeliers and swatches of red velvet, evoking a frontier bordello.
The genus and species names are italicized according to scientific convention, but group names above the genus level are not.
Click on the image above for a printer-friendly stencil to attach to your pumpkin.
The book is, above all, a meditation on an unlikely subject: commerce.
Scores of gulls hover above, screeching in excitement, then swoop down to gobble up any leftovers.
To me, his art is one or two notches above flower arranging for the village hall.
They were alive and above us and as wild as they had ever been.
Our campsite for the night loomed above us, a three-hour climb away.
Shades of a cobalt blue fresco can be found above the stepped altar.
From the comments above it seems to be a bit of a hunt.
The crazy-looking swirls in the image above may be one of the weirdest cloud formations that can be seen from space.
When the forearm is pronated another prominence, the head of the ulna, appears behind and above the styloid process.
The anterior border is thin above, thicker below, and continuous with the oblique line.
Most of the pressure is provided by the researcher's weight on the ice above the bubble.
According to new research, the answer is none of the above.
The second is a series of flutelike harmonics, which resonate high above the drone.
The links below are another route to the forecasts you can find using the map above.
As you can see in the graphic above, air rises near low-pressure areas.
Run rolling pin over top edge to cut off excess dough, then press side to make dough come up slightly above edge of pan.
To the reviewer above me-you don't really need a picture of this place to get the idea.
Plenty of recipes tell you to discard the stems, including the linked one above, but try leaving them in.
The helicopter pad was on the south end, above the living quarters and the offices.
Money is not the dull stuff of hourly wages and bank-account statements, but a magical substance that comes as a gift from above.
Even so, the move surprised a lot of people, for reasons made evident in the video above.
Many hunters prefer not to discuss the origins of the trophy head that hangs on the living-room wall or above the office desk.
Across from this so-called forum was a block housing new galleries, and above that a wedge-shaped tower.
In no category did the number of entries go much above a dozen or two.
Above all, they feel positively proud of their doggedness.
The print above was part of the abolitionist case and it was designed to show human beings whose dignity has been violated.
He watched a traffic light swinging high above the street.
Listen to the mp3 on the player above, or right-click here to download.
Apart from a slight loss of hearing, he is in robust health, and when he rises to greet guests he towers above them.
What was notable in all the writing, above and beyond a mastery of language and of storytelling, was a palpable sense of ambition.
And players are the biggest expense that teams have: they get sixty per cent of whatever the league makes above a billion dollars.
Above all, he offered a doubting generation the example of his confident spiritual health.
We put the dirt in containers that were hoisted up from above with a pulley.
He also added octaves above and below, expanding it in space.
The results of the experiment, visualized using network graph software, are seen above.
The interactive diagram above illustrates how the two models work under pressure.
Click on one of the five buttons above to view animations of how the vehicles operate under different driving conditions.
Click on the image above to refocus on different parts.
Pump water above the dam so more power can be produced during the day.
Previous approaches to the problem have involved affixing sensors to chairs, or using cameras positioned above a table.
So they elected a commission to ascertain what was above.
However, in the limit as a clock is held at a small constant distance above the horizon, the dilation diverges to infinite.
In such a case, it can't slow down to cross the speed-of-light barrier from above.
Owing to this bounty, the areas above the shale are now in the grip of an unprecedented gas-drilling boom.
The floors above the crash site were largely vacant, so there was little combustible material to fuel the fire.
Money raised goes to help defray the costs of legal fees for scientists who are the subjects of the above-mentioned witch hunts.
Above the atmosphere, the view is literally a million times better.
There it would stand, all alone, as a distant ghostly eminence above the far-off horizon.
It is also putting a monotheistic belief above pantheism, for another.
Above her left patent sandal is that era-appropriate accessory, the ankle bracelet.
She slips it into the lock, takes a deep breath, and leads me into the greenhouse above the garage.
Chopsticks flashed above me as they navigated the buffet, taking their dinner from my curves and crevices.
It's only from above or behind that the now notorious bald spot is visible.
It was photographed from high above the square and shows thousands of people.
They were ambushed where the road climbed through the narrows above the town.
Nothing ever happened in baseball above and beyond the frequency predicted by coin-tossing models.
With the zeal of one who reviles an age-old wrong, he raised painting above poetry.
Woods disguised as woods alive without end, and above them birds in flight play birds in flight.
The play itself was a dramatic adaptation of the above-mentioned novel.
It was halftime and the screen above us was endlessly replaying two incidents.
They were lifted by insolence above their car loans, their surly arrears, their misspent matrimonies.
Above all, though, donors must recognize that the current status quo is unacceptable.
Instead, the national representatives are to be above the fray of private interests.
Suppose stock prices have risen above levels justified by the fundamentals.
Above all, it could provide millions of people with access to millions of books.
On the bridge above me, thousands of people had gathered to watch, standing on railings and shoulders.
Totalitarianism implies the voluntary and unconditional acceptance of ideas and directives emanating from above.
It maps your known universe, from your childhood home to the constellations above your head.
Above the roof thrust of this duplex, shortening has been accommodated mainly by detachment folds, with only local thrust faults.
He tried to play it cool and above the fray, came off as defensive and unwilling to engage.
Before you click on the link above, see if you can guess which of the above folks chose which of the following books.

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