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It was clearly made for promotion for the cause of abolition.
The abolition of the monarchy was part of their price.
Students and teachers responded by demanding the abolition of all for-profit education.
The idea now is to use the abolition of the tax shield to sweeten the end of the wealth tax.
The government says that it hopes to obtain its approval, along with the abolition of prior film censorship, within weeks.
Humane and laudable as abolition was, it was also expensive.
No, the abolition of tenure won't be the end of the world today, or tomorrow.
The matter of abolition was not nearly as simple as it might seem today.
Its development was part of the drive towards democracy and capitalism and the abolition of royal privileges and monopolies.
And the campaign for complete abolition of the estate tax has little chance.
In any event, nobody is seriously proposing the abolition of farm protection altogether.
But by arguing for its abolition he is making an even bigger mistake.
It lacks credibility to such an extent that the only sensible course is abolition.

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