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The process of abolishing the death penalty moved forward at an unusually fast pace.
In 1953 a plan to abolish the city of Miami failed by only 980 votes.
Several states have attempted but failed to abolish the law.
This program is now dormant pending a decision to continue or to abolish it.
It's hard to create new rules, but it's easy to abolish existing ones.
Nationally known as an outstanding librarian, storyteller and author she worked to abolish stereotypes in children's literature.
To pay for her plan, she would abolish the guaranteed-loan program and freeze the estate tax.
The plan would not abolish cancellation fees entirely.
It is the 24th amendment that abolished poll taxes.
One of the new government's first tasks was to abolish the centuries-old monarchy.
They are also working to abolish hunting and fishing practices that may cause the extinction of some species.
We have to become master of the symptoms, and abolish them, which is of course exactly what the patient asks us to do.
The end of law is not to abolish or restrain, but to preserve and enlarge freedom.
It is the highest power of divine moments that they abolish our contritions also.
One of those views, it is rumored, is to abolish the gym in the north tower and replace it with a mailbox area.
It looks unlikely that medical science will abolish the process of ageing.
Socialists have tried to abolish it by dictatorship and central planning.
The broadcaster wants to abolish two digital radio stations, shrink its website and spend less on imported shows and sport.
They agreed to abolish tariffs on each other's imports, and allow their state companies to operate freely in either country.
Polls show that a third of the country wants to keep the monarchy, a third wants to abolish it and the remainder don't care much.
Sure, and plenty of people are trying to abolish hunger, too.
He wants to abolish the entire agency and start again.
His promises to abolish school fees and user charges in public hospitals were popular.
Most people who have thoroughly studied the workings of parliament would not be so quick to abolish it or make it elected.
He is determined to abolish the right of some defendants to opt for a trial by jury.
Abolish the graduated income tax and replace it with a flat tax of nine per cent.
Perry is also proposing to abolish taxes on dividends, capital gains, and estates-all of which would greatly benefit the rich.
We'll abolish the notion of private property, we'll abolish money.
With that logic, you might as well abolish imprisonment too.
The new economy aspires to abolish the old distinction between work and fun.

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