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Hundreds of children were said to be aboard each vessel, singing as they set sail.
On the older buses, the engines rumble as the children climb aboard.
The air aboard commercial jetliners is considerably cleaner than almost everybody gives it credit for.
Characters in your films have excavated ancient sites and traveled the world aboard tramp steamers.
The sailors also left some more intimate items aboard the vessel.
The company even offered financing to bring the bands aboard.
Twin droplets of fuel burn brightly in an experiment aboard the space shuttle.
His world is a claustrophobic and lonely existence, until he makes a strange discovery aboard the ship.
See a feeding hummingbird and read about the tiny stowaways that climb aboard.
If you'd been aboard that plane, you certainly would have thought a streaming data link was worth trying.
He and his crew hurled homemade grenades onto the sloop and rushed aboard.
One choice is to prepare a boxed experiment to take aboard the space shuttle or space station.
It was the work of only a few hours to get the boats manned, with coal aboard and steam up.
The coldest precisian cannot go aboard without encountering inexplicable influences.
And speedily they went aboard and sat upon the benches, and sitting orderly smote the grey sea water with their oars.
The water came aboard, wave after wave, as they raced down.
We carried our prize back to the bank and hoisted it aboard the steamer.
These storms in the magnetosphere can hamper electrical systems aboard satellites and on the ground.
Climb aboard for a sampling of what's along the way.
Resist the temptation to have your hair or nails done aboard the ship.
Spend a romantic evening with your loved one aboard a sunset cruise.
Stop waiting around to meet the right partner and start planning the adventure of a lifetime aboard a singles cruise.
The city is therefore a fitting point of departure for a vacation at sea aboard a cruise liner.
Writer describes the two-day journey aboard the train.
When blood began to seep out the case aboard ship, the body was found.
The business of life aboard ship has already been explained to the family.
All those bus stop and go's and shuttling around late at night w/ two people aboard drive down efficiency.
These synthetic fuels could flow right into existing oil pipelines or be put aboard tanker ships bound for market.
Astronauts who reach the facility aboard one of these missions typically live and work in orbit for about six months.
They were sculling upstream in their small live-aboard skiff as our riverboat steamed down.
His body was aboard the choppers that made the trip back.
The mood aboard must have been fearful but quieter now.
Five of the eight crew members aboard and four of the five civilians died.
But this was to be a rare run without a client aboard, or the shyness that typically accompanies the use of such airplanes.
Louie dragged the ruined raft aboard and pulled apart the layers of canvas, creating a large, light sheet.
The players climbed aboard two buses, and a raucous parade followed them on the five-mile drive to the stadium.
For decades, poachers had run freely through the wilderness, zipping in and out aboard undetectable boats and bush planes.
There were other notable figures aboard the two vessels.
Some were aboard doomed airliners, others at work in buildings on the verge of catastrophe.

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