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Example sentences for abnormality

The abnormality occurs when an embryo is damaged in the womb.
The motives behind this are to be treated as perfectly normal human, not as an abnormality.
Another study found that mice with a genetic abnormality that eliminated their brown fat became obese even without overeating.
In some cases, an abnormality may occur as the cells as growing in the lab dish.
For one thing, those who have the condition show no abnormality other than hirsutism.
Any abnormality in this intricate system of hormone synthesis and production can have far-reaching consequences on health.
Bill's attorneys want to introduce the pictures as evidence that their client has a brain abnormality.
When a sudden abnormality in the balance of the signals occurs, the result is a pattern of eye movements referred to as nystagmus.
Phobias are a readily recognizable example of this abnormality.
Also, if he first human had the genetic abnormality to cause neoteny, that alone would cause an increase in brain size.
Thus, instead of developing a drug to treat an abnormality, an abnormality was postulated to fit a drug.
The device picks up a subtle abnormality in electrical current that occurs when one of the coronary arteries is blocked by a clot.
Heller made her genetic abnormality into an entire life of abnormality.
She has never been diagnosed with any known genetic syndrome or chromosomal abnormality that would help explain why.
One serious abnormality after another has been reported in wildlife that have been exposed to a highly contaminated environment.
Patients with strokes from clots typically have ct scans in which the abnormality appears only after several hours.
Court order given for fetal abnormality or medical exceptions.

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